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Top Business Brokers for Allentown

Merge, Buy Or Sell An Allentown Business

Are you looking for a business broker in Allentown, PA? Synergy business brokers has been serving the Northeast since 2002. Whether you are looking to buy a business or merge a business in Allentown, we are the professional business brokers you need.

How to sell my Allentown Business

If you are looking for ways to sell your Allentown Business, Synergy Business Brokers is the best choice. What we offer:

  • When you sell your business with us, there is no upfront fee. We are confident in our services and do not charge a fee until your Allentown business is sold.
  • We provide a confidential consultation. We help you sell your business confidentially so that finances, employees, and internal work is not compromised due to the knowledge that your Allentown business is selling.
  • Professional business brokerage services. Our team is made up of expert business brokers. From start to finish, we have a hands-on approach in helping you sell your business.
  • Extensive marketing to sell your Lehigh Valley business. In comparison to most brokers, we spend more and produce more effective results in marketing the sale of your business.

Buy A Business In Allentown

Are you looking to purchase an Allentown Business? Synergy Business Brokers helps many businesses in Pennsylvania. If you are interested in buying a business in Allentown, subscribe to receive updates on new businesses for sale, view our existing businesses for sale, and fill out our buyer non-disclosure agreement to speed up the buying process.

Allentown Mergers And Acquisitions

There are a wide variety of businesses within the Allentown, Bethlehem, and Lehigh Valley area. It is not uncommon for a merger or acquisition to occur. What would Synergy Business Brokers do in an Allentown merger and acquisition?

Take, for example, Lehigh Valley Health Network and Saint Luke’s Health Network. While they may be direct competitors in the Lehigh Valley area, one day, one medical network might seek to purchase the other. What synergy business brokers would do to help this merger be successful is determine a business valuation, act as a mediator between the two businesses throughout the sales process, and help draft the merger process and contract. This is only a small piece of what Synergy Business Brokers would do in a merger. Our responsibility and skill set would be focused on making the transition a success.

Contact Us Today To Buy or Sell Your Allentown Business

We want to help you buy or sell your Allentown business. Our professional business brokers are prepared to give you a confidential consultation and a professional business valuation. Contact us today to start your business transaction. Contact us directly by calling John Geanotes at (215)-402-7075 for a confidential conversation about your business.

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