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Best Business Broker Rhode Island to sell my company

Buy Or Sell a Rhode Island Company

Synergy Business Brokers is located in the northeastern United States and provides professional M&A services as well as business brokerage services to businesses throughout the United States and internationally. We work with and help Rhode Island businesses to sell or merge with others. Learn more about our services and contact us today!

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Sell Your Company In Rhode Island

Sell your Company in Rhode Island

If you have a business in Rhode Island that you are considering selling, Synergy Business Brokers sells RI businesses in manufacturing, technology, distribution, healthcare, services, transportation, and construction. We sell businesses with an owner's net income of $200,000 to $5 Million. If you have this type of business, we offer a confidential consultation.    Please fill out our seller registration form, and an M&A Business Broker will contact you.


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M&A Brokers & Potential Buyers throughout New England

Many of our potential buyers have companies located in Massachusetts and Connecticut in the industries that we serve. They want to expand their locations to include Rhode Island in either Providence, Cranston, Warwick, Kent County, Washington, or Newport.  Our M&A Brokers are located throughout the Northeast and can meet with you to discuss the details of your business and how we can help sell your RI Business. The first step is to find out more about your business, including your products or services, customers, employees, and competitors. This will help us to position your business for sale. But don't' worry, we won't advertise the name of your business or the exact location. We understand it's important to keep the sale of the transaction confidential. We'll design a marketing document that brings out your business's strengths and will require potential buyers to sign a confidentiality agreement before releasing the details.

The Process of Selling a Rhode Island Business

We will usually have to speak with many potential buyers before we have one that is both qualified and serious about potentially buying your business. When we do, we'll set up a meeting or phone call with you to answer some questions about the company. The potential buyer will already have reviewed some written material on your business that we have provided to them after signing an NDA.  Each buyer has specific questions that are important to them, and they also want to hear directly from the owner.  It's also an opportunity for you to see if this buyer is someone that you feel comfortable in taking over your business.

Multiple Offers

Once the buyer has met with you and gotten their questions answered, then we'll find out if they are serious enough to make an offer on your business. Our goal is always to get multiple offers. This creates leverage to get you the best price and terms for your business. We'll help you evaluate the proposals. It's not only about the most significant price. There may be different terms in the deal, such as how much is paid out at the closing and how much is paid over time. You also want to see what the contingencies are in the offer. We'll help evaluate whether the buyer will be able to obtain financing or doesn't need funding. You want someone who will be able to close on their offer and not waste everyone's time.

Financial Information

It's essential to have your business information in a form that is easy for the buyer and banks to understand. We'll assist with the process of helping to identify what your true owner's income is, including your perks and benefits.  Most tax returns are designed to minimize taxes and not show the most profit, so we want to be transparent about what expenses are an owner's benefit.

No Fee until your Rhode Island Company is sold

We are selective in taking on Rhode Island businesses, which we feel that we can sell. Since we only get paid if we sell a business. This ensures that our goals are aligned, and we're working together to maximize your price and close the deal.

How To Sell Your Business In Rhode Island

There are a few ways to sell your Rhode Island business. The straightforward and most effective way is to contact synergy business brokers and have us work with you to sell your business. The other option is to sell your business yourself. Selling your business yourself is difficult, and there is a high likelihood you will not profit as much as you normally would. When you sell your business through synergy business brokers, there is no upfront fee. We get paid when you get paid.

Selling Your Rhode Island Company Confidentially

In the process of selling your business, you will want confidentiality. If your employees know you are selling your business, they would likely start looking for new jobs. We work with you and our buyers to keep the sale of your Rhode Island business confidential. Keep the sale of your business confidential.

Common Questions About Selling A Business In Rhode Island

Having sold many businesses since 2002 would receive a wide variety of questions about the best way to sell a business, why I need a business broker and many more questions you probably have right now. Below are some of the most common questions we receive regarding selling your Rhode Island business. Through the process of selling your business, we will work with you and help answer many of your questions.

Why Should I Sell My Rhode Island Business?

The reason you sell your Rhode Island business is personal to you. You might be here because a friend suggested it; you might be here because you were ready to retire. There are various reasons to sell your Rhode Island Business, and Synergy Business Brokers can help you in selling it effectively. Some business owners want to continue working within the industry but don’t feel they can keep up with the rigorous position of ownership. They can work out a contract where they remain working at the business they sell to fit their needs.

How Much Should I Sell My Rhode Island Business For?

To know how much you should sell your Rhode Island business for, you need to get a business valuation. We can determine the value of your business and provide a consultation. We will determine the most effective way to sell your business that fits your specific needs through this conversation.

When Should I Sell My Rhode Island Business?

Some business owners try to play the market; others look simply to retire within the next five years. While there can be a best time to sell your business, when you are ready is the best time to start the process to sell your company. If you’re looking to leave your business within a specific time frame, that is a major factor in selling your business.

Where Can I Sell My Rhode Island Business?

When you sell your business through synergy business brokers, you can sell your company to a local Rhode Island market, a national market within the United States, or an international market. Synergy offers you much more than just a local Rhode Island Business Broker. Finding the best buyer for your business wherever they are is what we do.

Can My Rhode Island Business Survive Without Me?

It may seem like it would be impossible to fully leave the business you started. You are a major asset to your business, and your knowledge within the industry is indisputable. Making an effective exit plan throughout the sale process is integral to your business's future survival, even when you no longer work there.

How Long Does It Take To Sell My Rhode Island Business

The length of time it takes to sell your Rhode Island business varies. Many factors can speed up or delay the sale of a business. No matter how many buyers are available, we seek out qualified buyers for your business.

Contact us to sell an RI Business

If you are looking to sell your Rhode Island business, contact synergy business brokers. We have the knowledge and experience required to make a sale of your business. Get a Consultation and business valuation, and don’t pay a fee until your business is sold. To speak with one of our M&A Brokers, please fill out our form online to contact us, email, or call (888) 750-5950.

Rhode Island Mergers & Acquisitions

When looking to merge or acquire a business in Rhode Island, it is important to have an M&A business manage the process and paperwork. Since mergers can vary, a professional will make sure nothing is missed. At Synergy Mergers & Acquisitions, we help provide business services. Learn more about our Rhode Island M&A services. We are one of the best M&A Firms in Rhode Island. Our headquarters are located in New York, and we have been providing M&A services throughout the Northeast since 2002.

Contact Rhode Island's M&A Experts

If you are looking to sell a business in Rhode Island, contact us to learn more.

Buy A Business In Rhode Island

Want to buy a business? Synergy Business Brokers we have a variety of businesses for sale within the Northeast. We work with businesses that have annual revenues of $700,000-$70 million. Please view our businesses for sale.

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