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Best Business Broker in the Fort Worth area


Best Business Brokers for Fort Worth, TX

Sell Your Fort Worth Company with Synergy

As the vibrant city of Fort Worth, Texas, continues to thrive as a hub of commerce, business owners like yourself find themselves at a pivotal crossroads—contemplating the sale of their enterprises. Choosing the right partner for this endeavor is one of a business owner's most important decisions; Synergy Business Brokers stands out as a trusted partner in helping business owners in Fort Worth find qualified buyers for their business. With a proven 20-year track record, Synergy has the tools and experience to guide you into a new era of your life. 

Fort Worth, nestled in the heart of the Lone Star State, is experiencing a surge in economic activity, making it a suitable time for business owners to consider selling. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, with the annual job growth being nearly 4%. Factors contributing to the favorable market conditions include the city's growing population, a diverse business landscape, and strategic investments in infrastructure. It is for people who want to be in a big city with a little town feel. By selling now, entrepreneurs can capitalize on Fort Worth's economic momentum and maximize returns on their years of investments. 

Confidential Marketing Strategy for Fort Worth

Synergy provides all qualified prospects with a comprehensive marketing plan that starts with creating a confidential overview of your business. If your business has an annual revenue of $700,000 to $70 Million, we would love to talk to you about what makes your Fort Worth company unique and attractive. Our email list of over 35,000 potential buyers is ready and willing to jump on an opportunity to enter the Fort Worth market. We have a robust search engine presence that helps us touch the eyes of qualified prospects worldwide, so don't limit yourself to signing up with a local Fort Worth business broker that is only in that local market. Synergy Business Brokers has M&A advisors across the globe, including the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Synergy can connect you with a variety of different buyer prospects for your Fort Worth Business:

  • Local Entrepreneurs: Fort Worth-based business owners looking to expand their footprint and capitalize on the city's economic growth.
  • Regional Investors: Fort Worth's business-friendly environment and strategic location attracted entrepreneurs from nearby Texas cities.
  • National Corporations: Larger companies seeking to establish or strengthen their presence in the Fort Worth market.
  • International Companies: Many companies that are multinational want to have a foothold in Texas and Fort Worth offers a lot for that.
  • Private Equity Firms: Financial entities seeking lucrative investments in thriving businesses with an interest in the stability and potential for growth in Fort Worth

We expect there to be multiple offers on the table, considering how fast Fort Worth is growing. We usually start to introduce those buyers around the 1-8 week mark and aim to have the company sold in 6-10 months. We don't charge any upfront fee, and there is no retainer. We are so confident that we can help you find the right buyer that we only receive a payment when the business is sold.

We have potential buyers for companies throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, including Plano, Arlington, Irving, Garland, Frisco, and McKinney.


We have experienced business brokers ready to help you sell your Fort Worth-based company. By optimizing your online presence with Synergy's strategy, you can attract a diverse pool of buyers eager to invest in successful Texan enterprises. Seize this opportunity with Synergy Business Brokers and unlock the full potential of your business sale. If you have any questions about our services in the Fort Worth Area, call Dewey Vaughn at (214) 871-3330 or fill out our online form.

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