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How do I find the Right Business to Buy?

Finding the right business to buyWhen people are trying to find the right business to buy, we are often asked, what business for sale would you recommend? The answer, of course, differs depending on the specifics of each buyer.

Narrowing down what might be of interest

Every buyer has specific talents, interests, geography, and financial assets. The first thing for each buyer to do should be a self-assessment of each of these attributes to narrow down what types of businesses would suit their characteristics.

Once you do this, then you will have a better idea of what types of businesses to look for, and we recommend that you view our Businesses for Sale. You can sort based on geography, asking price, and industry. This will give you an idea of which business might be right for you to buy.

If you already own a business, there are other considerations to consider, such as what type of business would combine well with your current business. Both in terms of being able to cross-sell each other customers and the employees, skills, and assets of each company.

Viewing our businesses for sale might give you some ideas on how you can expand your business by acquiring another company. It could be a geographical expansion or an expansion of products or services offered. Factoring all of these factors will give you a better idea of what business to buy.


The next step would be to fill out our Electronic Non-Disclosure Agreement. You can write in which businesses you are interested in and which Broker has a particular listing that is of interest. Alternatively, you can click on the individual NDA that is on the page of each listing and it will pre-fill the NDA with this information.

Once this is done, the Broker that handles the listing will send you some more details on the business for sale, and you can determine whether it is something you want to pursue or not. Then if you wish to pursue a business further and you have the financial resources available we can answer questions about the company for you and see if it makes sense to set up a meeting or phone conversation with the owner of the business.

In a meeting between buyer and seller, it is best if the buyer and seller get along well so that there is an easy exchange of information. This also helps when negotiating the details of a potential deal.

What types of Businesses for sale do we have?

You can view based on industry: manufacturing, technology, distribution, construction, healthcare, services, engineering, transportation. Within each sector and state, you can sort based on price, keyword, etc.

View based on State:  NY Companies for sale,  Connecticut Businesses for sale, NJ Businesses for Sale, MA BusinessesPA Businesses for sale, TX Businesses for sale.

View based on price: Price Below $600,001, $700,000 to $1.5Million$1.5Mill to $4Mill$4Mill – $10Mill$10Mill – $25Mill.

We have businesses for sale in NY, NJ, MA, CT, PA, TX, and many other states in the US.

If you don’t find a business for sale that you are interested in, you can revisit the website, or you can get on our email list by filling out our Buyer Registration Form or Contact Us Form. If you would like to have us represent you to find the right business you can read more about hiring a buyer broker.

Contact Us

After you have had a chance to view our: Businesses for Sale, we look forward to hearing from you and discussing whether we have a business that might be right for you to buy? Feel free to contact one of our Brokers at Contact Information or email us at You can also read some tips on working with business brokers to buy a business.


Page updated on 1/21/2022

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