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Who is the Best Middle Market Business Broker?

best middle market business broker for selling my company

Are you considering selling a middle-market company? If so, you are probably looking for the best business broker to handle the sale of your middle-market company.

Before discussing who the best lower middle-market business brokers are, we need to know what the lower middle market is.  In most cases, the middle market is defined by the annual revenue of the company.  And the lower middle market is usually defined as companies with annual revenue of $5 Million to $50 Million.

Lower Middle Market Business Brokers

The lower middle market is our primary area of focus. We aren’t necessarily the best business broker for every middle-market business because we only focus on selling middle-market businesses in construction, distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, servicesengineering, and transportation.  Within these sectors, Synergy Business Brokers has been rated as the top business broker for selling mid-market companies by multiple ranking sources.

Top Business Brokers for Mid-Market Companies

What does it take to be ranked as one of the best business brokers for lower mid-market companies? The business brokers must have a history of closing mid-market deals, good reviews, experience over a number of years, and comprehensive marketing. Once you have a list of business brokers who are good at selling mid-market deals, you want to see who has experience selling deals within your industry. This is important because brokers that specialize within your industry will have contacts in the industry, knowledge of what buyers are looking for, and the ability to communicate about the values that your specific business brings to the table.

M&A Firm for Mid-Market Businesses

Middle Market Mergers & Acquisitions are a great way to unlock synergies between two companies to increase the combined revenue and profit of the companies. Skilled M&A Business Brokers with Lower Mid-Market experience can help you target the right companies to bring you to the next level. Synergy Business Brokers M&A Advisors have relationships with private equity firms within each industry that we focus on that are interested in combining multiple firms to unlock these synergies. Depending on a seller’s needs, the seller can sell the whole stake within their company, or they can sell part of their firm and reap the benefits of a merger over time.

Public Companies acquire Mid-Market companies

Synergy Business Brokers has relationships with public companies that acquire private mid-market businesses. It is less risky for them to purchase a business that is smaller rather than another public company. There is also less disruption to employees to integrate a smaller company in their firm. There are fewer moving parts and a great opportunity for the employees of the smaller firm to thrive and bring an entrepreneurial approach to some aspects of the larger public company.

Well Financed Entrepreneurs

Synergy Business Brokers also has relationships with well-financed entrepreneurs interested in purchasing mid-market companies within our industries of expertise. These entrepreneurs typically will have experience within the sector in which they will be acquiring a company in. This knowledge allows them to successfully grow the companies that they acquire. Their financing comes from various sources, including the sale of a business, personal wealth, private equity,  or other sources. Synergy Business Brokers qualifies the potential buyers so that you are only dealing with the best prospective buyers for your business.

Contact Synergy Business Brokers

Contact us to see whether we are the right broker to sell your middle-market company. We provide you with a free, confidential consultation with no fee until your company is sold. After reviewing your financial information, we’ll provide you with a business valuation so you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to sell your mid-sized company. Please fill out our form today. One of our M&A Specialists in CT, CA, HI, LA, NJ, NY, MA, TX, PA, IL, or Europe will contact you.

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