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Award Winning Tech M&A Firm

Synergy Business Brokers is well-known as a premier tech M&A firm.  We have advised on and executed many tech mergers and acquisitions.  Established in 2002, most of our tech M&A advisors worked extensively in the tech industry as VPs of Sales, Marketing, and Technology. Other advisors have backgrounds working for Investment Banks, including Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, ING Barings, and consulting firms like Ernst & Young.

We are a boutique M&A company that sells technology businesses with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 Million+.  We offer a Free Confidential Consultation and provide you with M&A Advisory throughout our engagement with you. There is no fee until your tech company is sold.

Benefits of Working with an Experienced Tech M&A Firm

We have extensive contacts throughout the technology industry. Our industry experience allows us to know the players and who is likely to make the best potential buyer for your tech company. We look for buyers who can leverage a particular company's unique benefits, including its technology, employees, customers, and reputation.

Some of the areas in which we have experience selling technology companies are:

Also, we know how to position your tech company to attract the right potential buyers. We will write up a marketing document that will highlight your company's strengths while also showing buyers opportunities to improve on what you've done so far. We won't provide your company's name or identify details until a potential buyer has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

We have built relationships with public and private tech companies, private equity firms, and wealthy tech entrepreneurs. Each potential buyer may bring something unique to the table to help your firm grow and capitalize on your technology, customers, and employees.

Tech M&A Advisory Firm

We have done dozens of tech M&A deals. Whether you have cloud-based technology, machine learning, open-source, or proprietary software, we are the tech M&A company that can maximize your sale price. We understand that mergers and acquisitions in technology are about finding the right strategic buyers for the target company. Our 5-star reviews on Google are a testament to our excellent customer relationships. Our Tech Mergers and acquisitions firm is focused on selling your tech company.

Selling All or Part of the Company

In the majority of cases, all of the business is sold. However, in some cases, only part of the business is sold. The buyer may want the upside of the Synergy between the merger of the acquiring company. Maintaining some equity can allow you to gain more value from the merger than if you sell the whole company at the closing.  Many other sellers want to cash out everything and just stay on for a brief transition period. Another option is to sell all of your shares at the closing but stay on for a more extended transition period and negotiate earn-out payments, allowing you to reap some of the rewards as the combined companies grow. Many buyers also prefer the option of keeping the seller around for an extended period of time.

Finding the Right Buyer

As a Sell-Side M&A Broker, we will work with you to identify your goals and find a range of potential buyers to give you an excellent opportunity to get what you are looking for both in terms of price, transition period, and the fit between the acquiring company. In many cases, private equity firms and tech entrepreneurs own several tech companies. In some cases, they will combine two companies. Still, in most cases, they will leave them as stand-alone companies and allow each company to gain the advantage of being affiliated with other tech companies owned by the same entity. These benefits include:

  • The brand recognition of being affiliated with a larger company
  • Access to more customers of related companies
  • Shared expertise and experience of the combined companies
  • Greater financial security of a larger firm
  • Employee retention with more diverse career paths within different companies
  • Shared internal systems to increase efficiency
  • Cost reduction in negotiated benefits, administration, and marketing

Tech M&A Process

The process unfolds over time. The stages are as follows:

  1. Initial Consultation with an M&A Advisor
  2. Review your Financial Information
  3. Provide a potential selling price range
  4. Sign Commission Agreement
  5. Develop Marketing Materials
  6. Advertise and Market the Confidential Business Summary
  7. Contact Potential Buyers
  8. Buyers sign Non-Disclosure Agreements
  9. Buyers Review Materials on the business
  10. Questions from Buyers
  11. Set up Meetings with Buyers and Q&A
  12. Offers are submitted
  13. Offers are Negotiated
  14. Letter of Intent is signed
  15. Due Diligence
  16. Negotiate the Purchase and Sale Agreement
  17. Closing
  18. Post Closing Transition

A Synergy Business Brokers M&A Advisor will be working with you every step of the way, providing their experienced guidance to complete your tech company's merger. There is no fee for any of our services until the sale is completed. We are selective in taking on M&A assignments that we feel confident in so that our hard work is paid off when we satisfy our clients and see their goal of selling their tech company realized (and collect our fee).

Acquiring A Tech Company

If you are interested in Acquiring a technology business, please visit our Technology Companies for Sale. You can sort by geography, size, industry, keyword, and more. If you find a tech company you are interested in, please fill out our electronic NDA on the listing of interest and provide some qualifying information. One of our M&A Advisors will contact you.

Tech M&A Firm NYSelling your Technology Company

If you would like to have a confidential consultation regarding potentially selling a technology company, please fill out our Seller Registration Form and provide us with some initial information on your company. One of our tech sell-side M&A Advisors will contact you. We have advisors in NY, NJCT, MA, PA, FL, TX, CA, IL, LA, and TX and sell technology businesses in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, the South, Midwest, West, and throughout the US, with potential buyers worldwide.

You can also email us at or call 888-750-5950. We look forward to helping you find the right buyer for your technology company.

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  • One of our experts will reach out within 1 business day to set up a consultation.

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