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Massachusetts M&A Brokers

Synergy Business Brokers is the #1 Ranked Business Broker in New England. If you want to sell a Massachusetts business, we offer a free, confidential consultation to understand your needs, and there is no fee until your business is sold. Contact our Award Winning Massachusetts Business Broker today.

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Sell Your Massachusetts Business



If you are considering selling your Massachusetts business, we have over 20 years of experience and an extensive database of potential buyers who are interested in buying companies in Massachusetts. We do not charge an upfront cost; the consultation is free and confidential.  Synergy Business Brokers specializes in selling companies with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 Million.  Confidentially Register your business for a consultation.

Massachusetts offers many opportunities for successful businesses, which you know if you have been fortunate enough to own such a company. For any number of reasons, however, your time for owning a business will not be what it used to be. Maybe you are ready to retire or want to do something different. You want your exit to be as profitable as possible.

That’s why, when it’s time to sell, instead of trying to sell your business on your own and dealing with all the headaches that entails, your best strategy for selling a business in Massachusetts will be to partner with Synergy Business Brokers. We are an experienced business broker in Massachusetts who knows what you need to sell your business quickly and successfully.

Why Is Finding the Right Business Broker in MA So Important?

Whatever your company does, it probably doesn’t require skills in selling or buying businesses. Since you started your business to keep and grow it for a long time, there’s no reason you should have any experience with business selling.

Thanks to Synergy Business Brokers, you don’t have to. Our network of motivated buyers and trained personnel can help you value your business and sell it for the right price. With our experience in selling manufacturing businesses, construction businesses, technology businesses, healthcare companies, and many others, we can sell your business so you get what it is worth.

If you’re selling a business in Boston, wouldn’t you rather have a Boston Area business broker who knows the area and buyers' needs? That’s precisely what we can provide. Our Massachusetts business broker has a network of international mergers and acquisitions businesses combined with local market knowledge.

Whether your business is in Boston, Lowell, Worcester, Brockton, Springfield, Quincy, or anywhere in MA, contact us to find out how we can help. We have buyers interested in buying companies in counties such as Middlesex, Worcester, Essex, Plymouth, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hampden, and Bristol.

Advantages of Choosing Synergy as Your Massachusetts Business Broker


We have been successfully selling businesses with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 million for years. After over 20 years of selling companies throughout Massachusetts and the United States, we know the right approach for your business. We can advise you on what makes your business most attractive, help you generate an asking price you can be confident in, and find you the best buyers for your business.

Wimgo Top Business Broker in MA

We are well connected in MA and Beyond and are members of:

  • Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce
  • New England Business Brokers Association
  • Stoneham, Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce

Another benefit you’ll enjoy when you work with Synergy Business Brokers for selling your Boston or MA business is our commitment to confidentiality. We know many business owners want or need to wait until the moment is right to disclose that the company is for sale. If employees or customers find out too early, it could hurt the business and your chances of securing the deal you want. That’s why we employ strict confidentiality measures, including Non-Disclosure Agreements, to protect you.


Are you looking for the right Business Broker with experience selling companies in both Eastern and Western Massachusetts? Synergy Business Brokers is the top-rated Business Broker in the Northeast.  We have buyers interested in purchasing profitable companies in Western Mass. and eastern Mass. in construction, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, services, and distribution.

You've worked hard to build your business from the ground up, but now you want to sell it and retire. Selling your business, however, is easier said than done. Without the right business broker, it can be challenging for business owners to find potential buyers willing to make a generous offer.

Whether your company is to merge with another company or be acquired by one, you need a broker to help you with the transaction. This broker will understand the potential of your company as a significant investment. A broker will have a great network of potential buyers who might be interested in your company.

If you're looking for the top business brokers in Massachusetts, we are just one call away!


We have 20 years of experience selling mid-size and large businesses to interested buyers. Our goal is to help you earn the best price so you can retire comfortably.

We know Massachusetts's potential. This state is home to some of the region's thriving companies, has a growing population, and has endless potential for economic growth. Your business has been a part of Massachusetts' success story.

Even after you retire, you want it to continue to be an important part of this great region. We will find a buyer who will give you a great offer and help the business thrive.


We will start by consulting with you. We will inquire about your business's history to evaluate its worth.

We'll explain our selling process, explain how we assess potential buyers, connect you with the most qualified ones, and help negotiate a contract and terms that will suit both parties. During this consultation, feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding the sale of your business.

Contact Synergy Business Brokers to Sell Your Massachusetts Business

Lincoln Taylor Business Broker MA

If you've decided to sell your business in Massachusetts, you want to hire the best business broker in the region! We'd love to hear from you today! Please fill out our contact form.

We have a fully-trained team throughout the Northeast with complex analytical skills and negotiation capabilities to get you the best deal in the market that is feasible for your current situation.

Whether you’re looking forward to retirement, anticipating a new business opportunity, or having any other reason to sell your Massachusetts business, we have the personnel and experience to help. Contact us online today to confidentially register with us to sell your business, or call Lincoln Taylor at (978) 443-3238 to get started. If you're ready to sell quickly, fill out our seller registration.

Buying a Business in Massachusetts

If you are interested in purchasing a business in Massachusetts, please view our MA Businesses for sale. If you are interested in getting more information, please complete our online Non-Disclosure Agreement on the Listing of Interest.

Massachusetts M&A Firm

Would you like to work with one of Massachusetts's best Mergers & Acquisition Companies? Maybe you would like to be acquired by the right company, or perhaps you want to acquire a company in Massachusetts. In either case, Synergy Business Brokers M&A might be a good option for you.

We specialize in Mergers & Acquisitions for companies with annual revenue of $700,000 - $70 Million in healthcare, construction, manufacturing, technology, distribution, services, and transportation. We've closed hundreds of M&A deals since 2002, and there is no fee for our services unless a transaction is completed. So we're on the same page to find the right M&A opportunity for you.


If you want to sell your company, we offer a confidential consultation to learn more about your goals and company, including your expectations on price and timeframe. If we feel that we can realistically achieve your goals, we'll provide a complete marketing solution. This involves contacting nearly 40,000 of our potential buyers in the industries that we specialize in. We also advertise on Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Bizbuysell,, and many more.

Sellers are concerned about confidentiality, and rightfully so. We won't advertise the name of your company or a specific location. Before buyers can get these details, they must complete our confidentiality agreement and provide us with information on their background and qualifications.

You can read more about our sales process and how it combines the best practices of M&A firms and business brokers.


We have experience selling mid-market companies throughout Massachusetts from Boston to Western Mass. We have potential buyers for companies in:

  • Worcester
  • Boston
  • Lowell
  • Springfield
  • Cambridge
  • New Bedford
  • Brockport
  • Cape Cod
  • Middlesex County
  • Plymouth
  • Essex
  • The Berkshires
  • and more


Synergy Business Brokers has experienced brokers who have helped sell in Western Massachusetts. We can find a buyer for your company, whether you are located in Springfield, Easthampton, Chicopee, Holyoke, Greenfield, or any other locale in the region.

We have regional connections with companies, professionals, and investors interested in merging or acquiring companies in various industries. We also have connections outside of the region, in different parts of the country, and overseas investors interested in taking advantage of this unique region's entrepreneurial ventures.

We can help you decide what's best for your business, whether it should merge with an existing company or get acquired by another company or investor. We are happy to listen to your needs and negotiate a deal on your behalf to satisfy both parties.

Let's have a look at your business, and let's find a buyer for you!


If you are looking to acquire an MA Company, please view our MA Companies for sale. If you are interested in one of our client's companies, please fill out the online NDA on the company of interest for more information.


Lincoln taylor m&A business broker maIf you are ready for a private discussion with one of our M&A Advisors, you can fill out our contact form or call our Senior M&A Advisor in Massachusetts, Lincoln Taylor, at (978) 443 3238.  We look forward to discussing your M&A goals and seeing if we can be of assistance.

Buy A Massachusetts Business

Are you looking for the right company to purchase in Massachusetts?  Synergy Business Brokers sells MA companies in Technology, Healthcare, Construction, Services, Manufacturing, Distribution, Engineering, and Transportation.

Please view our Massachusetts Companies for sale. If one of the businesses for sale is of potential interest, please complete our online  Non-Disclosure Agreement for the company that you are interested in.  Our Senior Broker handling that business will follow up with you for more information.


Buy Massachusetts Company for SaleWe have been handling mergers and acquisitions in Massachusetts for over ten years. If one of our current businesses for sale isn't of potential interest, we'll keep you updated as we get new possibilities. We understand that purchasing the right company is a process. It helps to find a company you are both interested in and is a good fit for your skills and talents.

There is no fee for purchasing a business through Synergy Business Brokers. We are compensated by the seller when a deal is closed. We work hard to negotiate terms that will work for both the seller and the buyer.  Our years of experience allow us to develop solutions to problems that can occur in a deal. However, to get a deal done, both the buyer and the seller must be motivated.


We are selective in working with motivated people who are ready to close a deal. Our potential buyers come from the industries we specialize in, private investment firms, and owners of public and private companies.

If you need financing, we have many relationships with banks that we can introduce you to.  You will need to have a minimum of 10% to 20% of the purchase price to qualify for SBA financing, and the bank will usually require that you have some relevant experience to run the business you are acquiring.


We sell companies throughout Massachusetts, including the counties of MiddlesexSuffolk, Norfolk, Worcester, Hampton, Essex, Plymouth, Bristol, and Barnstable.  Perhaps one of our Massachusetts Businesses for sale might be right for you?

If you would like to discuss potentially selling your Massachusetts Company, please contact us for a private consultation.  To get started, fill out our contact form or call our Senior Broker in Massachusetts, Lincoln Taylor, at (978) 955-8868.

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