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Brokers to Sell Your Air Cargo Transport Business

Business Brokers for air cargo Transportation

Experienced Business Brokers for Air Freight Businesses

It's a normal feeling to be worried about selling your Air Cargo business. How much time is it going to take? Will I find the right buyer? How much money is my business actually worth? Synergy has encountered all of the brokering stressors under the sun and can help alleviate any worries you might have.

Having been in business for 20 years, Synergy knows what it takes to connect you to the right buyer for your Air Freight Company. If your company is highly profitable and ranges between $700,000 and $70 million of annual revenue, Synergy can help you find a variety of prospective buyers. We have experience selling a variety of transportation businesses, including Logistics, Trucking, Import & Export, intermodal transport, and more.

How to Sell My Air Cargo Transport Business

There is no sure-fire way to sell an Air-transport business, and it can be hard to split up the assets. Should you sell your aircraft to a competitor and sell your property separately? Or should you sell your air cargo business as a single entity? Synergy can help you to find the right situation and get you the best payout possible for your company. In terms of getting the right buyer, in our own experience, we find that having multiple offers is advantageous for the seller's situation. This gives you the upper hand when negotiating.

As a successful player in a growing industry, your company's value might be higher than you think. According to the International Air transport Association, air cargo companies transport roughly $6 trillion dollars annually, making the industry accountable for 1/3 of the total world trade value. In 2020 air freight traffic reached 62.4 million tons, and this number is expected to keep growing each year.

We have a number of senior successful business brokers who can adequately evaluate the price of your company. Synergy generally starts with the numbers. We compile your transport numbers, the net worth, and the annual income of your air cargo transport business to get a rough estimate. We can then look beneath the surface to examine the intangibles of your company's value. Maybe you have an internal logistics team that runs your day-to-day, or maybe you have ongoing business partnerships that generate consistent business. Having assets like these can add more value than raw numbers.

Contact us to sell an Air Freight Company

Synergy provides a free consultation so that you can learn more about our process, and we can learn more about your company. We make sure to keep both our conversations and your information private and will provide an NDA if requested. With our extensive contact list of potential buyers, Synergy can efficiently set you up with the right fit for your situation. Generally, our brokers require 6-12 months to sell your air freight company. However, we develop a comprehensive strategy for each of our clients to ensure the process is expedited.

If you have any inquiries about our services for an air transport company, feel free to schedule a confidential appointment with us.


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