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Sell your Intermodal Shipping Business



The market for selling a successful intermodal shipping business can be intimidating for a first-time seller. A specific buyer pool can be such a niche that it may be hard to find the right fit for your business. Thankfully, Synergy Business Brokers has the experience in the freight industry and expertise to get you're business in the right hands and get you on the golf course or whatever you want to do in retirement.

When selling your intermodal shipping company, there are many factors to consider. Our brokers have a tailored strategy to help you succeed. Synergy deals with profitable companies with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 million and has potential buyers from across the globe. We provide a free valuation and confidential consultation to every potential seller that meets our minimum. Our brokers can help you no matter the specific shipping business you own. We deal in companies that provide:


Like there are various transportation methods, there are many different ways to sell your successful intermodal freight company. From experience, we find that attempting to market your company on your own may be a bad idea. The expertise and planning that goes into selling your business effectively are more than most people can handle alone. Make the process easier on yourself with Synergy.

We have a database of over 30,000 potential buyers, many of whom are looking for an intermodal freight corporation just like yours. Our first step in the process is to provide a good asking price for your business. We review your financial information and dive into your salary, perks, benefits, and the overall trajectory of your freight business' success. For us to get a fair idea of your financials, we need the last three years' tax returns, profit and loss statements, and the year-to-date numbers.

The global intermodal freight transportation market grew 5.86% last year and is forecasted to grow by $46.55 billion from 2021 to 2025. This growth means that investors and successful business owners will try to enter the market to get a piece of the pie. Your business could be worth more now than in 5 years, don't wait for the "right time to sell"; that time is now.

Our senior brokers will tell you that more is always better when it comes to offers. With more offers in your back pocket, you have more freedom to negotiate with potential buyers. We will find you the best mode of sale for your business, whether that means through a private equity firm, a wealthy individual, or another freight business. Mergers and Acquisitions are much more common than many think, especially in a growing field like intermodal freight transportation. This is because businesses often look to expand their market reach and diversify their portfolios. Acquisitions are the best way to do this. An acquiring company can pick up a new type of freight delivery and the employees that have expertise in this area as well as new customers and new shipping routes. 


Call us at 888-750-5950 or fill out our easy form and submit it online. We know the freight industry and are confident that we can find you the right buyer. Get in touch with one of our trusted senior brokers and start a new chapter today!

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