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Business Brokers to Sell Your Genomic Testing Lab


genomic medical testing laboratory for sale in Pennsylvania

How Do I Sell My Genomic Testing Lab?

Are you looking to sell your Genomic Testing Lab Business but don't know how? Do you need help creating an exit plan? Are you worried that selling your business will take up too much of your time and energy? Synergy Business Brokers can alleviate these stressors and more.

You are probably wondering, "but how much could I get for my genomic testing lab?" Synergy has two decades of experience evaluating the value of companies throughout the healthcare industry, like MRI centers, physical therapy, sleep disorders, alternative medicine, and autism treatment, so figuring out the pricing of your testing lab company should be no problem. Read about our 15 step process for selling your business. We understand that every owner wants to get the most value that they can out of their company, and Synergy will get you the best price possible. We sell companies ranging from $250,000 to $10 million and can put you in touch with the right buyer for your needs.

Confidential Business Broker Consultation

Our senior brokers offer an initial phone consultation in which they will review your financials and give you a ballpark estimate. Synergy wants to make sure that our goals are aligned before we start advertising your business to potential buyers. Each of these potential buyers is vetted for their legitimacy and is required to sign an NDA before they receive any details on your company. We make sure to dot the I's and cross the T's while you continue to run your business. Synergy only gets you involved when needed, like when meeting with potential buyers to test whether they fit into the vision of your Genomic Testing Lab. Although, on average, it takes 6-9 months to sell a business, sometimes things move more quickly and can produce an even quicker turnaround. The genetic testing industry is expected to boom over the next four years, with a projected compound annual growth rate of over 10% through 2026. This means that the time to sell a testing lab is now, as the numbers look promising to potential buyers.

Some firms may pursue one specific buyer for each client, but at Synergy, we want to have our eggs in as many baskets as we can. Having multiple buyer options puts you in a better position for negotiating. Our brokers have substantial experience with mergers and acquisitions. Whether it's a vertical merger along the supply chain or a horizontal one across the industry, we can help you find a match.

Contact us to sell your genetic testing business

Synergy can help you sell your Genetic Testing Lab no matter where you are. We have brokers located in CACTFL, HIILLA, MANJ, NM, NYPATX,  & Europe, and sell companies all over the world. Our database of 30,000 potential buyers means that we can give you the best chance possible for a smooth sale. Our brokers use internet marketing, social media, direct marketing, and search engine optimization to help boost your listing and give you the best chances for success.

If you own a genomic testing lab and are looking to sell your business, contact us at (888) 750-5950 or fill out the form on this page, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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