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Sell Your Glass Fabrication Business

Do you own a Glass Manufacturing and Distribution Business that you are considering selling?  If so, you may have some questions about the process? For example, how do I maximize the price when I'm selling my Glass Fabrication Company? What Business Brokers have experience selling Glass Suppliers? How do I find the best potential buyers for my Glass Distribution Company?

Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling Glass Manufacturing & Distribution companies, and we have additional buyers interested in acquiring more Glass Companies. We offer a free, confidential consultation, and there is no fee until your Glass Business is sold.

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We have many years of experience selling Glass businesses. Our potential buyers range from private equity groups, other glass manufacturing companies, distributors, construction companies, and financially independent entrepreneurs. They are interested in purchasing a glass business for sale with strong cash flow and good customer service. There are many businesses for sale, and we can help your business stand out from other business opportunities. We are a full-service business brokerage that assists in the buying and selling of businesses.  Whether your company specializes in a particular type of glass or glass and mirrors, we have potential buyers interested in glass sales and service companies.

At Synergy Business Brokers, we aim to achieve what every business owner has in mind – to attain the best valuation for their company. In our 20 years of experience in the manufacturing M & M&A sector, we have assisted countless clients in accomplishing exactly what they are targeting. That is comprised of a high selling price and a new successor that can do their business justice in the long run.

Glass Manufacturing & Distribution Companies

We have potential buyers for different types of companies that provide Glass for the following uses:

  • Windows
  • Architectural Glass & Construction Products
  • Glass Tables
  • Lighting
  • Medical & Optical Glass
  • Bottles, Jars & Packaging
  • Plates, Glass, Cups, and Bowls
  • Appliances & Electronics
  • Glass Facades
  • Mirrors
  • Solar & Renewable Energy Glass
  • Glass Doors
  • Custom Glass
  • Glass Fabrication & Installation
  • Glass Technology
  • Scientific Glass
  • Laminated Floors & Countertops

Confidential Sale of Glass Fabrication Companies

We protect the confidentiality of the sale of your glass business during the process by requiring potential buyers to sign confidentiality agreements and provide us with their qualifications before releasing the details about your company. It typically takes 6 to 10 months to sell a glass manufacturing company. For more about the time frame, you can read How long does it take to sell my company?

We provide you with a free valuation of your Glass Manufacturing and Fabrication Business.  You can read our article on the Factors that go into Business Valuations.

Get A confidential consultation.

Glass Fabrication & Manufacturing Industry

The glass industry has had consistent growth and is expected to continue this trend for the foreseeable future. As a result, the demand for acquiring profitable Glass Fabrication & Distribution companies will also likely continue to be strong. This includes companies that design, engineer, fabricate, and install glass.

Glass Manufacturers can specialize in different niches, including those that use silica, lime from limestone, sodium bicarbonate, quartz, crystal glass, and more. Some use the float glass process to manufacture sheet glass. Other companies use the glass blowing, press and blow, or press and drawing processes. Depending on the use, they may temper the glass and spray on a coating.

In addition to our current buyers, we provide a customized marketing process to find the right buyers for your specific Glass Company.

The glass industry in the United States generates yearly revenue of well over USD 30 billion. This prospect is an opportunity not to be missed by both business owners and interested buyers. Prospects of a good business venture are set to get the ball rolling for business owners to sell when the business is at its peak and for potential buyers to kickstart their venture.

The glass industry sees huge prospects with a revenue return that is simply peaking year after year. With this steady growth, demand will continue to soar to provide great proceeds for business owners. If you intend to sell your business, Synergy Business Brokers will get you the best offer that considers the profits and assets of your business.

With our expertise in the M&A sector and comprehensive portfolio, we aim to help both keen sellers and potential buyers in the business world.

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For a free, confidential consultation, please call 888-750-5950 or fill out our Seller contact form.   We look forward to speaking with you.

To read more about us, you can visit Overview and view the Businesses we have sold. To hear from our customers, visit Reviews & Testimonials.  We have experienced M&A Brokers throughout the world who sell Glass Manufacturing & Distribution companies.

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