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How to Sell Your Door & Window Business

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Deciding to sell your door and window business can be a big task. Gathering the materials, finding the right buyer, and negotiating a price are all significant steps toward a larger goal that can wear you down in the long run. Thankfully, Synergy Business Brokers can give you the space you need and accompany you along this journey. Our brokers have the necessary experience to find the right buyer.

Synergy has a globalized buyer pool and an email list of over 40,000 potential buyers waiting to pull the trigger on a successful door and window company like yours. Whether you are interested in selling a door and window installation company or selling a window and door manufacturing or distribution business. Or perhaps you would like to sell a garage door or window and door parts business. Either way, we are experts when it comes to qualifying interested parties. We only bring you serious buyers who can potentially commit to purchasing the company. We always recommend having as many buyers in your back pocket as possible, as it gives you the upper hand when negotiating. Synergy deals with all types of buyers and can find the right one for you. We have experience working with private equity companies, wealthy individuals, and existing door and window industry players. From listing to closing, our process usually takes around 6-12 months and varies based on the market and your motivation as a client.

Free Confidential Consultation and Valuation

If you qualify, we offer a free valuation for your door and window manufacturing or installation company. Synergy only deals with profitable companies with annual net incomes of $250,000 to $10 million. If your window and door company falls within that range, we would love to learn more about it. Once qualified, we can take a look at the shape of your business and what makes it so profitable. We look at the last three years' tax returns and P&Ls for the current year. After looking at the financials, we examine the intangibles of your day-to-day. Maybe you work 3 hours a day with minimal involvement, or you must return customers who consistently need doors and windows manufactured or installed. Whatever the case, your company's value could be much more than you think.

After we have given you a proper evaluation, we have you sign a Listing Agreement with one of our brokers. All our marketing costs come out of pocket, and we only get paid once your business is sold. This means we must be selective with the clients we choose to work with. We develop a confidential information memorandum to inform interested parties and keep them on the line. Our profiles consider your privacy and only give qualified buyers the information needed to put out an LOI.

Because of the significant housing construction and renovation growth, the window installation market has grown at an annualized rate of 2.8% to a total of $6.5 billion. This growth in the industry will make your successful company a hot commodity for interested parties. Whether you want to sell a residential window, commercial door, or garage door business, we can help. 

We understand that it takes the right buyer for the right business. So, the buyer for a window manufacturing business will usually be different from a window and door contracting company. We'll adjust our marketing plan accordingly.

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