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Sell your Online Business for the Maximum Price

How to sell my online business for the maximum price

Would you like to sell your online business for the maximum price? You may have other questions, too, such as what is the process for selling an online business and how do I keep the sale confidential. Synergy Business Brokers has been selling online businesses for over 15 years. We'll discuss the answers to these questions and provide you with some insights.

How to sell your online business

The first step in our process is to have a confidential conversation with you. We'll find out more about your online business. What are the strengths, challenges, and growth opportunities? Next, we'll review your financial information so that we can provide you with a price range. Of course, we don't know exactly what it will sell for, but we can give you an idea based on what other similar companies have sold for.

It's important to have the right expectations. If they are too high, then you won't get much interest, and if too low, you'll leave money on the table. So you cant to have an asking price that leaves some room for negotiation but not so much that you scare people off.

Find the right buyers for an online business

Synergy Business Brokers can add a lot of value in this area. We have over 30,000 potential buyers, including private equity firms, public tech companies, venture capital-backed tech start-ups, wealthy tech entrepreneurs, and more. Some of the types of online businesses these buyers are interested in are:

Online Mergers & Acquisitions

Once you have a number of buyers, the fun is just beginning. You need to get the interested ones to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and provide information on their qualifications. This way, you don't waste time with unqualified buyers. Synergy Business Brokers will do this for you and answer their preliminary questions. After we have narrowed down the buyers to those interested and qualified, we'll make introductions so that you can answer any further questions they have and see if there might be a good fit. We get many qualified buyers with the online businesses that we sell. Each online business is different, so we'll need to spend time with each buyer to understand their motivations for acquiring your company. After this phase, the next step is for them to make an offer. When we have multiple offers, it puts us in a great position to negotiate the highest price and terms for you.

Often the best offer will come from a buyer that really understands what you bring to the marketplace and is in a good position to leverage what you have done with the company thus far. However, depending on each situation, the best offer could come from any of our typical sources, so once the buyer is qualified and motivated, the offers will tell the story.

When terms and conditions are negotiated, the next step is to go to due diligence. There can be a disparity between what is expected during this process. The buyer will often want to do more than the seller has in mind, and Synergy Business Brokers will help resolve differences in this area. Once due diligence is completed, a purchase and sale agreement will be negotiated and signed, and you will be ready to close on the sale of your online business. Post-closing, you'll stay on to help the buyer for an agreed-on time period that can vary quite a bit depending on the desires and expertise of the buyer and seller.

Contact us to sell your online business

We sell online companies with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 Million. Please fill out our online form or email us at We look forward to learning more about your business and discussing how we can sell your online business.

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