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How Do I Sell My Import Export Business?

sell my import business

When you decide to sell your import and distribution business, it's not just about selling it. You want to get maximum value and find the right buyer. You may want to know how to sell an import and distribution business fast, but you also need to know how to price an import business, locate the right buyers, and negotiate terms that work for both buyer and seller.

Fortunately, Synergy Business Brokers has extensive experience selling import and distribution businesses with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 million. We have also sold distributors that supply both B2B products and Consumer Products.

Financial Information

When we speak with you, we'll first get an overview of your business, but at some point, we will need to review your tax returns to give you an idea of a potential selling price. We'll also want to identify your total owner's income, including your salary, perks, and benefits in addition to your net profit. We'll look at the trend of your income to see if it's going up, down, or is stable. We'll also take into account your customers, employees, and anything that makes your business unique. We also take into account growth opportunities and any risks or challenges that you might face.

Business Valuation for Your Import Business

Once we have all the information, we'll give you a possible asking price, which takes into account the details of your business and what similar import and distribution businesses have sold for.  We don't charge a fee until your business is sold, so it's essential that we both agree on a ballpark price that your business can sell for before we begin investing in the marketing and advertising of your business. Once we agree on a potential selling price, then we'll ask you to sign our listing agreement, which provides for a commission when the company is sold.

Marketing Your Import Business while maintaining confidentiality

We will develop a profile of your business that we will use to contact potential buyers and advertise your business. The profile will be designed to get the interest of buyers.  Still, before we give the identity of your business away and provide more details, the buyers will need to sign a confidentiality agreement and provide information on their qualifications.  Since we've been selling businesses since 2002, we've built up a database of 40,000 potential buyers that we'll contact in addition to our internet advertising. We'll generate a lot of interest, but of course, we have to weed out the tire kickers and only introduce the most qualified potential buyers to you. Some business buyers are looking to purchase import agents with specific product lines and hard-to-find suppliers. We'll typically submit buyers to you within 1-6 weeks of the start of the process, and on average, it takes 6-9 months to sell the business, but in some cases, it can be sold in a few months.

Multiple Offers

Imports and Exporters with solid profit margins are in high demand. In most cases, we can get multiple offers for import companies that we sell. This allows us to negotiate the best price and terms and provide you with a buyer with whom you are comfortable taking over your business.  Potential buyers range from other Distribution Businesses that want to open up new channels that you might have as well as add to their product line and customer base.  Also, we have relationships with private equity groups that own other distribution firms and want to merge them with an import firm. Your company may have expertise in procurement solutions that will be attractive to potential buyers. Wealthy entrepreneurs are another possible buyer with whom we have relationships. Some may have the contacts, experience, and resources to leverage your firm to grow it to the next level. They may have products to sell to your customer base, and you can start selling your products to their customers.

Contact a Business Broker to Sell your Import Business

Hopefully, we have answered some of your general questions on how to sell an import company.  We want the opportunity to answer your specific questions on how to sell your import business. We have many buyers looking for profitable import companies. Our database includes potential buyers in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, Florida, California, and throughout the United States and overseas. Many of them are looking to grow in the import and distribution industry. Getting in touch with us online is easy. All you have to do is fill out our simple form to set up a confidential consultation. You can also call us at 888-750-5950.

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