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How Do I Sell a Publishing Business?

There are many different types of Publishing Businesses. Some publishing businesses are flourishing, and some are faltering.  There are new media publishing businesses, standard print publishers, popular blogs, social media influencers, advertising based publishers, subscription-based publishers, and a combination of different types. If you have been in the publishing business for a long time, you have seen the landscape change.

selling a publishing businessIf you are considering selling your publishing business, you probably have a lot of questions:

Who would be the best buyers for my publishing business?

  • What price can I get for the business?
  • How long will it take to sell my publishing business?
  • Is there anyone with experience selling a publishing business?
  • Will I have to pay a fee before the business is sold?

Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling publishing businesses

We offer:

  1. No cost confidential consultation
  2. A database of 25,000 potential buyers
  3. A comprehensive marketing plan
  4. A typical 6-10 month sales cycle
  5. No Fee until your business is sold

We sell successful publishing companies

Synergy Business Brokers sells businesses that have an annual owner's net income (including salary and benefits) of $200,000 to $4 Million. If your business falls within that range, please fill out our Confidential Information Form or email us at for a confidential consultation.

Our Process

During the confidential consultation, we'll find out more about what makes your publishing business unique, including your customers, employees, business strategy, and focus. This helps us to position your business to attract the right kind of buyers. We'll also analyze your financial information to give you a potential selling price.

We don't advertise the name of the business for sale. We'll advertise a general description and then have potential buyers sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a qualification form. Then we'll provide them with more information.

Once we have a buyer that is interested and qualified, then we'll answer any questions and then set up a phone call or meeting with you so that we can determine if this is a good fit. On average, it takes 1 to 10 weeks to introduce the first potential buyer and 1 to 6 buyers that we introduce to sell the business in a timely fashion.

Working Together

We take a collaborative approach because no one knows more about your business than you, and we know the selling process so we can help guide the process to a successful closing.

We have Senior Advisors in NJ, NY, CT, and MA and sell publishing businesses throughout the United States. If you are ready to get started, call us at 888-750-5950  or email us at

Contact Us

  • Please provide some information on the business you would like to sell. We sell profitable companies with annual revenue of $700,000 to $70 Million+.*

  • One of our experts will reach out within 1 business day to set up a consultation.

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