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Business Brokers to Sell Your Wellness Center

Best Business Brokers for Wellness Medical Centers

Have you spent years building a reliable patient base for your wellness center but are tired of the grind? How much is your thriving medical center worth? You should be adequately compensated for your years of hard work and dedication. That's why you should enlist Synergy Business Brokers to help find you the right buyer for your medical center.

Business Brokers for Your Wellness Center

Many owners will need help finding a buyer. Doing this takes a lot of work and expertise that most business owners still need to gain. Finding the right fit and keeping your business confidential while continuing to run the company can put unneeded stress on you and your employees. Synergy brokers are experienced in finding, screening, and negotiating with buyers to get you the most out of what is offered. We have an email list of over 35,000 potential buyers looking to acquire wellness medical practices like yours. We also use search engine optimization to attract eyes from all over the world while keeping your information and intentions for your business safe. Synergy will not give out your name, exact location, or financials until we qualify a buyer and receive an NDA from them. Call one of our brokers today to learn how to maximize your wellness center's price. Synergy only deals with profitable healthcare companies with annual revenues ranging from $700,000 to $70 million.

When evaluating your business, we must look at more than just the last 3 years financials. Synergy has to understand what makes your business unique and attractive. These can be things like connections with established recurring patients, the expertise of your clinicians, medical equipment, or substantial owner's benefits. Once we know what makes your center successful and profitable, we can draft up an ad and CIM (confidential information memorandum) to market the business. We don't charge marketing or valuation fees, so there is no risk of hopping on the phone with one of our brokers.

What do Business Brokers Look For?

Our goal is to create symbiotic relationships with our clients in which we work with them to get the best results. Our initial phone call is just as much for us as for you. Synergy brokers only get paid if your business sells, so it's essential to know whether or not your wellness center is right for our buyer pool. We can help different types of wellness centers. We understand that there are many different types of services that you may or may not provide, such as holistic practices, general health centers, mental health clinics, naturopathic medicine, preventative medicine, skincare, alternative medicine, massage, life coaching centers, nutritionist clinics, physical therapy centers, and any other healthcare or medical practice that you might own.

The health and wellness market was valued at $4,886 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand to $7,656 billion by 2030. This expected growth will surely attract prospects who are on the outside looking in. Increased interest means increased offers, which can give you an advantage when negotiating with buyers.

Contact Business Brokers

Contact Synergy Business Brokers

Selling your healthcare clinic can be challenging and strenuous. Enlist one of our specialists today to give yourself the best shot at maximizing your business's value. If you want to take advantage of our services and receive a free, confidential consultation, fill out one of our forms and connect with a broker today. We sell wellness centers throughout the US and have experienced M&A Brokers in NYCTMA, TX, IL, NM, CA, HI, FL, LA, PA, and NJ. 

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