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Selling a Tank Removal & Installation Business

Tank Removal and Installation businesses can be profitable ventures. You may have built up a great business over the years and are now considering retire. If you have been wondering how to sell your tank removal and installation business, we offer a confidential consultation. We can answer your questions, such as how long does it take to sell your oil tank removal business and how much can I sell my tank installation business for?

We have been selling contractor and construction businesses for over 15 years and have experience selling an underground tank removal and installation business. We have additional buyers for tank removal businesses and other environmental remediation businesses, including septic tank replacement and remediation and water tank installation and replacement.

Confidential Sales of Oil Tank Removal Businesses

sell my oil tank removal businessThe first step would be a confidential consultation. We'll find out more about your oil or septic tank removal business, such as:

  • Do you have commercial and residential customers or specialize in one or the other?
  • What geography do you target, and what are your specialties?
  • Do you also handle septic or water tank removal and installation?
  • Do you handle services like soil remediation and landscaping?
  • Do you get involved in tank inspections and hazardous material removal?
  • Does your staff specialize in certain areas of the business?
  • Do you get involved in other excavation work such as pools or foundations?
  • How could another firm that acquires you grow your business?

Valuation of your Tank Installation & Removal Business

Once we have an overview of your business, we will need some financial information to provide you with a potential asking price for your business. We'll want to understand the financial trends and how much you make from the business, including your salary and benefits. Then we'll compare this to what similar contractor businesses sell for and give you a recommended asking price. If this is something you want to move forward with, we'll have you sign our listing agreement. There is no fee until your business is sold.

Marketing Plan

We have a database of 25,000 potential buyers that includes many looking for contractors and construction businesses, particularly those that benefit the environment like Tank Removal businesses. In addition to our potential buyers, we provide an all-inclusive marketing plan with internet advertising, social media, direct contacts, and email marketing. But don't worry, we won't advertise the name of your business or specific location. Before we provide that to potential buyers, they will need to sign a confidentiality agreement and provide qualifying information about themselves.

Normally we'll speak with a number of potential buyers before we get one that is both qualified and serious about purchasing your tank removal business. Once we have this, we'll set up a meeting or initial phone conversation to answer more detailed questions and see if there is a good fit before the buyer makes an offer.  We strive to get multiple offers on every assignment that gives you the best opportunity to maximize your price. On average, the process is 6 to 10 months to complete a sale. For more on the timeframe, you can read: How long does it take to sell a company?

Contact us to sell your oil tank business

We have Experienced Business Brokers located in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and have potential buyers for tank removal businesses throughout the United States.  For a private consultation, call us now at 888-750-5950, email us at, or fill out our easy form and submit it online today.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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