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Business Brokers for RV Businesses

Sell your RV dealership

Sell Your RV Dealership & Related Businesses

Have you considered selling your RV company but have no idea where to start? Don't worry; you aren't alone. Synergy Business Brokers talks with plenty of people every day who are in the same situation as you. We can provide you with solutions to any of your sales problems and give you peace of mind. Our seasoned business brokers have the passion and know-how to get your RV manufacturing company or dealership sold.

We have brokers nationwide to help you sell your thriving RV center. Synergy can help:

  • sell RV dealerships
  • sell RV manufacturers
  • sell RV parts and tool manufacturers
  • sell RV maintenance businesses
  • sell RV renting companies
  • RV Furnishing Companies
  • or any other type of RV business

How to Sell My RV Company

The process of selling your RV company isn't as complicated as you may think. We start by speaking with you about your Recreational Vehicle business on a confidential phone call. During this call, we get to learn a bit more about you, your business, and why you're thinking about selling it. Synergy only lists companies with an annual net income of $250,000 to $10 Million+. If you qualify, we can surely help market your company. We like to learn about what your role in the company looks like, what your staff is involved in, and whether you are renting or owning the space, have repeat customers, or are selling any equipment/vehicles along with the business. Your answers to these questions can affect your company's listing price and buyers' overall interest.

We want to know if you have a niche value that specific buyers would flock to. Maybe you want to sell your RV engine repair service or sell your luxury camper remodeling business. There is a market for every business; we have to find the right one for you. Our brokers also take a look at your company's last three years' tax returns as well as the year-to-date financials. It's important to know where your company has been as well as where it is headed.

Before we list the business, our team has to create a confidential information memorandum highlighting your company's positives while keeping the sensitive details out. This and our ad are the two leading forces behind our secret, comprehensive marketing strategy for your RV center. Before a prospect receives this CIM and your financials, we screen them and have them sign an NDA. This ensures that you aren't wasting your time in a meeting and they aren't pulling anyone's leg.

Is Now The Right Time to Sell My Company

The recreational vehicle industry has grown over the years, reaching a total global value of $55.9 billion. This number is only expected to grow as the CAGR for the industry is 6.7% from 2020 to 2028. With anticipated growth comes increased interest. Now may be the time to maximize your value as a successful RV company owner. Get the most for your business.


We sell RV businesses nationwide and have award-winning business brokers that can meet with you in NJ, NY, CT, IL, MA, TX, PA, FL, LA, and more. Please fill out the form on this page or email us at, and we'll set up a private consultation to get things started.

  • Please provide some information on the business you would like to sell. We sell profitable companies with annual revenue of $700,000 to $70 Million+.*

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