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Business Brokers to Sell Your Masonry Company

Sell your Masonry and Stone Manufacturing for Patios Sell Your Masonry Services & Supply Business

Are you looking to start a new chapter in life but have the weight of your masonry business resting on your shoulders? Are you looking for compensation for your years of hard work but don't know where to start? Where will you find a buyer who fits within your parameters? Synergy Business Brokers can help you along each step of the way towards selling your masonry business.

Having been in business for nearly 20 years, Synergy has the experience and potential buyer base to meet your business broker needs. We offer a free confidential consultation if you are considering selling your masonry or stone supply company. We understand that confidentiality is key; and that maybe if some of your employees knew you were selling, you could lose some of them and affect the sale. We have potential buyers in your industry looking to acquire a successful masonry and concrete supply company like yours. Typically, our listed businesses take 6-10 months to sell but can veer outside of those margins if the company isn't priced right, or the owner isn't committed to the sale.

In order to properly sell your business effectively, you need to understand the value of your masonry company. At Synergy, our brokers can give you a free evaluation based on your company's numbers and other information about your company. Properly pricing your business is what will attract more potential buyers and help you exit quicker. The more offers that you have, the more bargaining chips you can bring to a negotiation. We make sure to vet every potential buyer before providing them with your information. This means taking a look at their qualifications and having them sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Mergers & Acquisitions in Masonry & Stone Supply

Unlike some local business brokers, Synergy has the national and global reach to resourcefully find you the right fit for your business. Buyers throughout the world are looking to buy a successful masonry or stone supply business just like yours. Our database of over 30,000 potential buyers allows us to market your business to individuals who are looking to invest. We make sure to market your company with all of its uniqueness and benefits. This could include assets, recurring customers, capable employees, and anything else that could make your masonry company special.  For example, perhaps you specialize in laying brick, granite, or slate. Or maybe your expertise is in repairing concrete in commercial buildings or new construction masonry work for residential homes.

Or perhaps you offer other services such as landscaping, sprinkler systems, pool construction, snow plowing, and more. Whatever services you offer Synergy Business Brokers can find the right buyer for you. We have experience selling dozens of different types of contractors. For more on our process, you can read: How long does it take to sell my company?

Many sellers are the key to their business' success and worry whether their company can survive without them. Thankfully, Synergy can find you a buyer willing to give you an exit plan. This means that you will be able to provide the new owner with training and allow them to catch their bearings before your inevitable exit. Or if you are interested in exiting quickly we will look for another contracting company with masonry experience.

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Please call 888-750-5950, email, or use our online Seller contact form for a confidential consultation.   We look forward to speaking with you.

To read more about us, you can visit Overview. To read some of our customer reviews, visit Reviews & Testimonials.  We have experienced M&A Brokers in NY, FL, IL, PA, LA, CTMA, and NJ that sell Masonry companies throughout the US.

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