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Best Business Brokers in the Pacific Islands


Business Brokers to sell your company in the Pacific Islands

Are you looking to sell your successful business in the Pacific Islands but don't know where to start? Are you worried about finding the right buyer for the company? Maybe the thought of your staff or competitors finding out scares you. With the help of Synergy Business Brokers, you can confidentially market your business to buyers worldwide. There are no upfront fees, so hop on a call with one of our brokers today for a free valuation and a breakdown of our 15-step sales process.

On our initial phone call, we have to get to know your Pacific Island business and discern whether or not it is a good fit for our buyer pool. Brokers will ask, "What type of business are you running?" "What does your day-to-day as the owner look like?" and "Is there any specific reason why you are considering selling at this time?". The most crucial criterion for listing your business with Synergy is your bottom-line net profit, which also includes an owner's salary + benefits. We only list successful companies with net earnings of $250,000 or more, so we need to take a look at your tax returns and see what's on the books.

How Much is My Business in the Pacific Islands Worth?

Once we have a good idea of the makings of the business and have assembled the financials, it's time to give you an evaluation. We take into account things like the market for your industry, the uniqueness of your services, and the loyalty of the buyer base when coming up with a number. Buyers will evaluate your company in relation to others, so pricing with that in mind is essential. Pricing too aggressively can attract buyers but can hurt the final sale price, while pricing too high could deter interest.

After agreeing to a price, we can start drawing up marketing documents for your Pacific Island Company. Our team creates a confidential ad that we advertise on websites like Google, Facebook,,,, Dealstream, Bizquest,, Wall Street Journal's website, NY Times website, LinkedIn, Bizbuysell, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, and more. However, we don't advertise your company's name. When we receive interest, we have these prospects sign an NDA and provide their qualifications so that they can receive financials and a confidential information memorandum.

The entire process, from start to finish, can vary from listing to listing, but our Pacific Island business broker likes to give a soft window of 6-12 months. This can depend on the seller's eagerness, openness, and flexibility throughout the process, but sometimes, it chalks up to getting the right buyers at the right time. We help Successful Business Owners in a variety of countries, including:

  • Sell your Papa New Guinea Company
  • Sell a successful Business in Hawaii
  • Sell a Business in Somao
  • Sell a Fiji Company
  • Sell your Soloman Islands business
  • Sell a Business in the Eastern Islands.
  • Sell a New Zealand Business
  • Sell a business in Maui or Oahu
  • or Sell a Business Anywhere else in The Pacific Islands

To give you the best chance at reaching a desired price point, we aim to collect multiple offers on the table. This allows you to negotiate with prospects from a place of confidence and heightens the demand.

Contact our Pacific Island Business Broker

For your free, confidential consultation, please call Mike Foster at (808) 378-5565 or fill out the online form.  We look forward to discussing your goals and how we can help.

  • Please provide some information on the business you would like to sell. We sell profitable companies with annual revenue of $700,000 to $70 Million+.*

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