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How to Sell your Point of Sale Company

The point of sale industry has been growing at an annual rate of over 12%. So if you are thinking about selling your point of sale solutions company now would be a good time. There are a lot of potential buyers for a wide variety of point of sale Broker to sell my Point of Sale companycompanies including:

  • Point of Sale VARs
  • Point of Sale software companies
  • POS Hardware manufacturers
  • POS SaaS providers
  • Point of Sale Distributors
  • POS technical services
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • POS Payment Providers

Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling POS Companies

This may be your first time selling a POS Company, but it's not our first time. We have experience in the industry and can guide you through the process. In addition, we have potential buyers for a variety of POS Systems that have annual revenues of $700,000 to $50 Million. If your Point of Sale company falls within this range, we provide you with a free, confidential consultation. We can give you a possible price for your POS company.

Our background in the tech industry allows us to understand the language of the industry and position your business to attract the right potential buyers for your company. We have over 29,000 buyers that include private equity firms, wealthy investors, as well as public and private tech companies.

How to sell your Point of Sale company

Once we've gathered information on your company, we write marketing documents designed to protect the confidentiality of your business during the sale process. Buyers must sign a confidentiality agreement and provide us information on their qualifications in order to receive the name of the company and further details.

Once they have reviewed the information and expressed an interest, we'll answer any initial questions and then set up a meeting or phone call with you. It's important to get the right chemistry between buyer and seller, so this part needs to be done between the two of you to see if it's worth going to the next step. This would be an offer from the buyer.  Our marketing program is designed to get multiple offers so that we have the leverage to negotiate the best price for you.

M&A in the Point of Sale Industry

Companies within the POS industry are often interested in growing through acquisition. Many companies want to have a more complete solution. So a POS Hardware company might acquire a POS Software or point of sale training and services company. Companies that have a strong solution for some customers but not others can add to the types of customers that they can service through acquisition.

They also acquire valuable employees and technology that they can often leverage to grow their business.  Our clients can either retire after the sale, stay on with the new company, or do something else. Normally there is at a minimum a brief transition period that is required.  Our Tech M&A Advisors can go over your options and see what your goals are.

Contact us to Sell a POS Company

To get started with your first conversation with us, please fill out our short online form or call 888-750-5950.  Our staff has years of experience handling tech M&A transactions.

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