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Business Brokers for Indianapolis Companies

Business Brokers for Indianapolis CompaniesSell Your Successful Indianapolis Company

If you are considering selling your Indianapolis-based business but don't know where to start, look no further; Synergy Business Brokers can help you get the ball rolling. We've been around for two decades, helping successful businesses like yours find buyers. Our brokers have the experience to guide you through the journey and get you the payout you deserve. You have worked hard to build a strong business that stands on its own, now is the time to cash out and buy those Colts season tickets you've been thinking about or pursue that hobby you have always wanted to do. A consultation with one of our professionals is free and confidential, so don't hesitate to fill out our Seller Registration form.

Our resources allow us to separate ourselves from the competition and give you the best chances of finding the right buyer for your successful Indianapolis company. We have an email list of over 35,000 potential buyers and a proven SEO (search engine optimization) method that exposes us to national prospects. The main goal is to find you multiple qualified and motivated buyers so that you can have multiple offers on the table. This increases urgency and allows you to bargain with the upper hand. Buyers can come in all shapes and sizes, so it's important that you remain flexible when considering your options. We see wealthy individuals, private equity, existing Indianapolis businesses, and all other types of prospects approach our brokers. No matter what industry you are in, we can help you. Synergy assists companies in the following:

In many cases, you may be asked to stay on for a transitional period where you see that the changing of the guard goes smoothly. This can range anywhere from 1 month to 2 years, depending on the agreement. We only list companies with a net profit/cash flow of $250,000 or more, so if you qualify, we'd love to learn a bit more about your business and why you're thinking about selling. We don't take a fee until your business is sold, so it's essential for us to know if your Indianapolis business is a good fit for us. We can help you no matter where in Indianapolis you are located. We sell companies in Mile Square, Broad Ripple, Fountain Square, Haughville, Christian Park, or any other neighborhood in Indianapolis as well as the greater Indianapolis area.

Is Now the Right Time to Sell My Indianapolis Business?

Indianapolis is expected to grow in employment annually by 2.6% through 2024, and the job market is expected to grow to 37.5% over the next ten years. A growing economy means more transplants and more prospective buyers for your business. If you are considering selling your business, and your numbers have been consistent, strike while the iron is hot and put it on the market with Synergy. We make sure to keep you as involved as you want to be throughout the process. You'll work with us to create a CIM (confidential information memorandum) and a confidential ad that projects the best parts of your company and what makes it unique. Selling a business can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months, but the time frame can ween outside of those margins depending on the demand, the pricing, and your urgency.

Synergy brokers have a keen eye for pricing businesses. We consider the last three years' tax returns and anything from the current year to get an idea of the trajectory of your Indianapolis company. However, this isn't the only thing we consider. The intangibles and niches of your company can stand out to prospects. These could include recurring monthly clients, limited owner involvement, trusted and knowledgable staff, equipment and real estate, or an advantageous business location. Any of these attributes can be a huge factor for buyers and sway them toward higher numbers.

Contact Us to Sell Your Indianapolis-Based Business

To discuss how we can help sell your Indianapolis business, call us at (888) 750-5950, and we can put you in touch with an experienced Business Broker. Synergy looks forward to finding out if you are the right fit for our buyer pool; please fill out our online form or email us at

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