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Best Business Brokers for Boston

Best Business Broker in Boston to sell my companySell Your Boston Company

Are you considering selling your company in Boston? Synergy Business Brokers has over 20 years of selling companies in healthcare, technology, services, construction, manufacturing, distribution, and engineering. If your company has a net income of $250,000 to $15 Million, we provide a free, confidential consultation.

We'll review your current financial information and provide you with a no-cost valuation of your company. If this aligns with your expectations, we begin confidentially marketing your company. We create marketing documents and require qualified potential buyers to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements before providing them with details about your company.

Our potential buyer database of 38,000 allows us to sell your company for a higher price then if you tried to sell the company on your own, or use another broker without experience in the industries that we specialize in.

We are top rated Business Brokers in the Boston Area.

Mergers & Acquisitions in Boston

Boston is a hotbed for mergers and acquisitions in technology, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and professional services. We would have plenty of potential buyers if you own a successful company in one of these areas. It's a matter of finding the right buyer for your company.

This usually takes some time. A typical sales process to get the best buyer, negotiate an offer, complete due diligence, and get a closing finalized is around 6 to 10 months.  We handle the leg work and weeding out tire kickers, and then we'll introduce the best buyers to you to make sure there is good chemistry between buyer and seller and answer each other's questions. If that goes well, then the next phase is usually to have the buyer submit an offer to see if we can get a meeting of the minds.

Boston Business broker

Boston Business Brokers

We have buyers looking for businesses throughout the Greater Boston Area, including Framingham, Cambridge, Lowell, Quincy, Newtown, and the Counties of Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk, Middlesex, Essex, and New Hampshire. We have Senior Business Brokers throughout the Northeast, including MA, CT, NY, NJ, and PA.

We are members of:

  • Boston Chamber of Commerce
  • New England Business Brokers Association
  • Stoneham, Mass. Chamber of Commerce

Many of our clients are looking forward to retirement. However, whatever your reason for selling, we are dedicated to finding you the right buyer to continue the legacy you built in the Boston Area.


Top business Broker Boston

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 To get started, fill out our online form or call our Senior Boston area Business Broker, Lincoln Taylor, at (978) 443-3238 for your confidential consultation.

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