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Industrial Products Distributors For Sale

If you want to buy an industrial products distribution company, please view our Companies for Sale below. We get paid by the seller when the business is sold. So there is no fee to the buyer for our services.

All of our clients want to maintain the confidentiality of the sale of their business.  We provide an overview of each company below.  To get the specific details, please fill out our online NDA on the business that you are interested in. On the online NDA, we also request that you provide some information on your background and financial qualifications so that we make sure that you are qualified to purchase a specific business.

Industrial Tube Fitting Supplier




Annual Revenue: $4,100,000

Net Cash Flow: $1,100,000

Very profitable, a well-established 40-year-old supplier of industrial tube fittings. Typical end clients include nationwide Chemical and Petrochemical Plants. Product categories include tube fittings, filters, tubing, valves, sealants, tubing clamps, and leak detectors. Price includes $1.5 Million in Inventory.

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Annual Revenue: $4,354,575

Net Cash Flow: $756,330

This establishment is a supplier of Poured Masonry Supplies and Accessories, Building Materials, Hardware, and related building products for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial customers. This established supplier has long-term profitability. They focus on building supplies/hardware/masonry/lumber, and everything to build and...

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Annual Revenue: $19,346,785

Net Cash Flow: $6,415,004

This business has an accepted offer. Please view our other Distribution Companies for sale. This fast-growing wholesale B2B textile distributor collects used apparel at over 3,000 clothing and shoe drop locations throughout the US. It recycles and redirects collections to...

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Sell your industrial automation and product distribution.


Annual Revenue: $2,150,000

Net Cash Flow: $422,000

This company has been sold, view our distribution businesses for sale. This company sells industrial automation products nationwide as well as internationally. With a team of dedicated employees that are poised to provide superior sales support on all the products...

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Buy injecting molding company

Window and Door Component & Parts Distributor – Sold


Mercer County, New Jersey


Annual Revenue: $2,992,961

Net Cash Flow: $850,000

This business has been sold. Please view our other Distribution Companies for sale.  If you are interested in selling a window and door business or other distribution company, please contact us for a confidential consultation.  They have relationships with Window...

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Mergers & Acquisitions for Industrial Products Distribution Companies

The Industrial Products Industry has a diverse range of companies. This creates opportunities for mergers and acquisitions that can allow companies to unlock synergies between companies with different areas of expertise. There are M&A opportunities for different types of companies including:

We have a diverse group of buyers and sellers for industrial product distribution companies. Our job is to introduce the right buyers to acquire a specific company. We'll work with the buyer and seller to understand whether there is a good fit in terms of expectations, pricing, and terms and conditions. If so, we'll work with you every step of the way.

If you want to sell an industrial products distributor, we offer a confidential consultation. There is no fee for our services until your company is sold, and we provide a confidential sales process.

Synergy Business Brokers has years of experience. Call today at (888) 750-5950 or fill out our contact form.

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