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Sell a Building Materials Business

business brokers to sell a building materials company

If you own a building materials business and are considering retiring, you probably want a Business Broker with the right experience to sell a building materials business.

Synergy Business Brokers has been selling building materials companies for many years.

We've been established since 2002 and have built up a database of over 40,000 potential buyers. We have experience selling the following types of building materials businesses:

We have sold building materials manufacturing businesses, building product distributors, and service businesses that supply, install, and sell building products and materials to commercial and residential businesses. Whether you are considering selling a concrete business, a glass business, or any other type of building materials company, we have experience in these industries. We have potential buyers who are interested in buying successful companies throughout the construction materials industry. Synergy Business Brokers even has experience selling building materials testing and inspection companies.

Free Confidential Consultation

For a confidential consultation, please fill out our Seller Registration Form.  We will have a Senior Business Broker contact you to discuss your business and how we can market it confidentially. We focus on selling building material businesses that have an owner's annual net income (including salary and benefits) of $250,000 to $20 million+, so hopefully, your business will fall within that range so that we can assist you.

Selling your Company Confidentially

Our clients don't want their employees, customers, and competitors to know that they are selling their building materials business. We don't advertise the name of your business. We will promote a general description that is enough to get people interested but not so much so that they can identify your business before they sign a confidentiality agreement. We will also screen them to only work with financially qualified buyers.

After they sign a non-disclosure agreement, we'll provide them with more details about your building materials business. We usually have to speak with many potential buyers to find the right ones, that are not only interested in your business but have the financial resources and are willing to pay terms that are acceptable to you. This generally takes on average 6-10 months, but we've had some businesses that sell in a couple of months, so it depends on the details.

Pricing your Building Materials Company

We'll review your financial information from the last three years to develop an asking price for your business. We'll recast them so that we can identify your perks and benefits to show what the real owner's income is. We'll also learn more about your business, such as your customers, employees, suppliers, and areas of expertise. We'll compare this to what similar companies have sold for.

It helps to be open to providing some seller financing, but fortunately, we also have a great relationship with banks to assist buyers in obtaining bank financing. Our bank relationships help us determine which buyers will likely qualify for which construction products company. Experience in your industry is helpful, along with the proper funds and credit score.

In many cases, the buyer may be a larger company in the industry that already has an established credit line with their bank. However, we encourage you to be open to different types of buyers because sometimes the best offer can come from an individual outside of the industry, and sometimes it is an industry buyer.

Sell a Building Materials businessContact Us

Please contact us at, fill out and submit our online form or give us a call at 888-750-5950 and we'll set up a private consultation to get started.

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