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Selling a Medical Testing Company

In the age of Coronavirus, medical testing has received a lot of attention.  In addition to coronavirus testing, there are a lot of other areas in healthcare testing that are desirable areas to be in. If you are considering selling your healthcare testing company and have an annual net income of $250,000 to $7 Million, we would have many potential buyers for your business.

Synergy Business Brokers sells Medical Testing Companies

We have been selling Healthcare Companies for over 16 years and have built up a database of over 30,000 potential buyers. Our prospective buyers include large healthcare companies, Medical Facilities, Investment Companies, Healthcare entrepreneurs, and more. We have potential buyers for the following types of Companies involved in the Medical Testing Industry:

Mergers & Acquisitions in Medical Testing

Due to an aging population and medical testing advances, the medical testing industry is expected to grow in good times and during a recession.  This creates an opportunity for owners of medical testing companies to sell their business at a good price. This is because of the many potential buyers that want to acquire medical testing companies.

The reason for purchasing a medical testing company can vary depending on the buyer and the company being sold. In some cases, one medical testing company will acquire another company that performs similar tests. This will allow both companies to grow by expanding the services that they can offer. In other situations, an investment firm may see an opportunity to grow a medical testing company by an infusion of capital that can expand its sales and marketing. An extensive medical practice or hospital group may purchase a medical testing company to bring these services in house and speed the time that it takes to get results.

Medical Testing Equipment and Devices are another area of potential mergers and acquisitions. One medical testing equipment manufacturers and distributors sometimes acquire other companies that have a type of equipment and devices that they don't have that they can distribute to their customers as well as picking up new customers for them to distribute their products to.

Synergy Business Brokers has years of experience in negotiating the complex world of Healthcare Mergers & Acquisitions.

M&A Business Brokers for Medical Testing

We offer a confidential consultation to discuss the possible sale of your medical testing business. To get started, just fill out our simple contact form, email us at or call 888-750-5950 today. We’ll set up a private consultation.

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