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Business Brokers to Sell your Logistics Company

Business Brokers to sell my logistics company

Would you like to sell a Logistics Company? Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling Logistics companies. We can introduce the right buyers to you and maximize your price. We are one of the top-rated business brokers in the country with experience selling Logistics Companies with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70,000,000.

Synergy works with our vast database of 30,000 potential buyers to narrow down the ones that are right for the specifics of your business. Some buyers are looking for a specific type of logistics business, and others are open to purchasing a range of Logistic companies, including those that provide services in:

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Logistics Business Broker

Synergy Business Brokers is a logistics business broker with buyers throughout the United States. We have sold a variety of businesses in the logistics industry as well as a variety of companies in the transportation industry. If you are looking to sell your logistics company, you want to contact a business broker with experience and knowledge of your industry.

Where Should I Sell My Logistics Business?

Working in logistics, you know how much value there is in location. When selling a logistics company, you should sell to buyers locally, nationally, and internationally. When you work with Synergy Business Brokers, we will help find qualified buyers in all available locations.

Selling a Logistics Business

Selling a Logistics Business doesn't have to be hard. Synergy Business Brokers can do the difficult work for you of marketing your Logistics business confidentially, screening and qualifying buyers, writing marketing documents, and negotiating the price and terms. We collaborate with you to identify the strengths of your business and show buyers opportunities for growth.

Getting buyers who can leverage what you have to offer is the best way to get the highest price for your business. We work on commission only, so our goals are aligned with your goals of selling the business efficiently at a great price. Since the Logistics industry is growing at over 3%/year, there are plenty of buyers who want to get in on the action and buyers within the industry interested in expanding through acquisition. Our buyers include trucking companies, shipping businesses, import/export firms, Distributors, Manufacturers, private investment companies, and entrepreneurs.

So whether you want to sell an intermodal transportation company, container shipping company, freight business, or any other type of logistics company, Synergy Business Brokers can find the right buyer for your firm.

How To Sell A Logistics Business

There are a few ways you can sell a logistics company. You can try to sell it on your own or sell it with a business broker. If you sell it on your own, you’ll have to do a lot of work. Selling your business is no easy task and requires knowledge and experience in order for it to occur effectively. If you hire a business broker to sell your logistics company, they will take care of a lot of the selling process.

What does a Business broker do to sell your logistics business?

A business broker will help determine the value of your logistics company. This is one of the first steps to selling your business. Marketing your company confidentially is one of the largest services a business broker provides. When potential buyers are found for your logistics business, a business broker helps you find qualified buyers, so you do not waste time selling your logistics business to semi-interested and unqualified buyers.

Finally, after working with you and discussing the best potential buyers, we will help you decide which is the best buyer and set up negotiations. During negotiations and the sale of your business, a business broker can step in to be the negotiator or to advise you on the sale of your logistics company.

Contact Synergy Business Brokers

We have buyers for Logistics Companies throughout the US and overseas. If you are ready to find out more, schedule a confidential appointment with us.

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