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How to Sell a Cyber Security Company

how to sell my cyber security companyIf you own a successful Cyber Security Company and are considering selling it, you have a hot commodity.  However, like most tech business owners, you want to maximize the sale price of your company while at the same time keeping the sale confidential. The best way to do that is to use the services of a company that has already sold cybersecurity companies.

Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling Cyber Security Companies

Synergy Business Brokers has been selling tech companies since 2002. We have specific expertise selling Cyber Security companies and have a relationship with companies that are interested in purchasing additional cybersecurity companies.

The best way to maximize your selling price is to have multiple bidders compete for your company. We have a database of 27,000 potential buyers and can give you the leverage you need to get the best price.  We'll also reach out to additional candidates that might be interested, including public tech companies, private equity groups, tech entrepreneurs, and venture-backed tech companies with an acquisition strategy.

Sell my Cyber Security IT Services Company

Selling Cyber Security companies confidentially

You don't want your competitors, employees, and customers to know that your company is for sale until the deal is done, so it helps to have an expert advisor like Synergy Business Brokers to protect the confidentiality during the sales process.

We won't give away the identity of your company until our buyers have signed a confidentiality agreement. This allows you to talk freely about your company with potential buyers and establish a good relationship so that you can work with the buyer in the transition of your company after the deal is closed.

M&A in the Cyber Security Industry

The Coronavirus Outbreak has negatively impacted most industries. However, Cyber Security is not likely to be affected by this and is expected to continue to grow.  In fact, the Cyber Security Industry is a $110 Billion Industry and is expected to continue to grow over 10%/year.

This creates a desirable environment for mergers and acquisitions in the sector. Companies with a marketing and sales distribution channel can acquire companies that have cyber security technology that they want. Also, some companies with Cyber Technology can acquire Cyber Security Tech Consulting and Services companies to allow them to provide these services to their clients.

Synergy Business Brokers has completed dozens of Tech Mergers & Acquisitions and can guide you every step of the way to the best option for your company.

Potential Buyers for Cyber Security Companies

We have potential buyers for a variety of Cyber Security companies, including:

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