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Family Owned and Operated Niche Trucking Company

Price: $2,500,000

Annual Revenue: $2,200,000

Net Cash Flow: $400,000

Industry: Transportation

Location: West - Misc States

Wyoming-based transport company boasts a small fleet of trucks and trailers capable of hauling a wide range of vehicles from antique buses to military vehicles and equipment.

The company has been operating for 10 years in the contiguous 48 states and has very little competition. Most recently, the firm has been the provider of choice to transport electric commercial vehicles such as city transit and school buses. All company vehicles are GPS tracked providing customers comfort in real time.

The ownership enjoys outstanding relationships with a diverse and stable client base spanning many industries. Limitless scaling is possible through the implementation of a sales and marketing plan and the purchasing of additional trucks/ trailers.

The business has proven to be recession/pandemic-proof as witnessed by its deliberate growth over the last several years. This trend is likely to continue as federal and local clean energy initiatives mandate the use of electric vehicles in the public sector. A loyal, skilled staff and an easily relocatable business model complete this attractive opportunity.

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