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Healthcare Transactions

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software Company in NY Metro Area

(Sigmund Software) We contacted a variety of potential buyers and received multiple bids, which allowed us to get the full asking price for this business opportunity. We had bids from software companies and private equity groups that were located in Canada, Europe, California, and the Washington DC area.  The full price offer came from a Canadian software company that was motivated to move quickly and had financing in place. Contact us to sell a software company or view our IT & software companies for sale.

Home Health Care Business in Litchfield County, Connecticut

(Northwest Homecare, Inc.) A business that provides Home Health Care Aids to hundreds of elderly clients. We were able to introduce multiple buyers to the seller and obtained several bids. We negotiated the best terms and assisted the buyer in securing financing for 90% of the purchase price with the seller providing funding for 10% of the price. The buyer has a Nursing Aid business and wanted to expand his services to provide home health aides. Contact a Business Broker with experience selling multiple home healthcare businesses.

Family Medical Practice in Texas

(Maverick County Medical) This general practitioner had a successful practice built up over many years. He was ready to retire and contacted us to find the right buyer for him. We were able to get multiple potential buyers, and ultimately the business was sold to a public company specializing in data-driven healthcare. He was comfortable with how they would take care of his patients going forward and will stay on after the sale to help with a transition. The business was sold for the full asking price 7 months from the Doctor’s first call to us. He was kind enough to write a 5-star review on Google for his appreciation of our work. Contact us to sell your Medical Practice or view our healthcare businesses for sale.

Large Mental & Behavioral Health Clinic

(Savia Community Counselling Services) Mental & Behavioral Health Facility that provides treatment for mental health as well as addiction treatment. They offer both outpatient and therapeutic in-residence treatment. Their large team of multidisciplinary counselors and administrative staff consists of professionals with credentials that include MD, LDSW, PhD, LPC, MS, LADC, CASAC, CADC, and therapy dogs. We had a number of potential buyers and offers on the business. The best offer came from a large mental health company that has purchased multiple businesses from us. The advantage of using Synergy is that we bring competition to these deals and can get more value for our sellers by leveraging multiple offers with our repeat buyers. The business sold for 4 to 5X Net Cash flow.

Mental & Behavioral Health Facility

(Blue Sky Behavioral Health) This business provides outpatient and inpatient residential services and partial hospitalization treatment for anxiety, depression, borderline disorder, substance abuse, schizophrenia, and more. They have a large staff with a variety of skill sets to provide a number of different effective treatments. After speaking with a number of interested buyers, the best offer came from a business that we had worked with before. They are a large mental and behavioral organization that has acquired a number of businesses in the sector and was growing through acquisition.

Medical Transportation Company in Western Massachusetts

(MJ Transportation) The company provides non-emergency medical transportation for patients to get to and from their doctor appointments. The owner wanted to relocate out of state. We were able to find the right buyer and negotiate terms that worked for both parties. Contact us to sell your medical transportation business.

Home Care Franchise in Fairfield County, CT

(Synergy Homecare) The seller was busy with a full-time job and didn’t have time to devote this business. We located a buyer that had time to invest in growing the company and was able to get an exclusive territory and ongoing clients.

Addiction Treatment Center with 4 Locations

Large Facility with approximately 100 employees across four locations. They provide residential substance abuse treatment programs, partial hospitalization treatment, and an intensive outpatient program. We had many potential buyers for this business. The buyer that purchased it was an investment group that was acquiring multiple companies in the rehab and addiction treatment sector. Please contact us if you would like to sell your addiction treatment business.

Home Healthcare Services Company in Texas

(Big Country Health Services) We were able to sell the business in less than 3 months for the full asking price to a buyer with experience in the industry. The company offers services that include skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medication management, speech therapy, home health aides, nutritional care, wound care, diabetes management, IV infusions, and more. The buyer was able to obtain SBA financing with only 5% of the purchase price as a down payment. The home healthcare business for sale was located in the Abilene, TX area.

Pain Management Medical Practice in Alabama

They provide Pain Management with a variety of different services, including physical therapy, chiropractic, injections, plasma, wave therapy, electrical stimulation, and more. Multiple doctors and nurse practitioners with various specialties are in the practice.  We had numerous potential buyers and were able to sell the practice for the full asking price to an investment group of phsyicians.

Health Care business for Psychotherapy, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy

(MHH Clinical) We had several inquiries and sold the company to someone that had experience in the industry and was able to bring their expertise to the business with the help of a transition from the owner to ensure that ongoing care was provided to their patients. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your psychotherapy, Physical Therapy, or Occupational Therapy business.

Medical Equipment Services & Testing Company

(East Coast Biomedical Service) This Well-Established Ambulatory service company services over 80 ambulatory surgical centers within the New Jersey, and Philadelphia markets. They have recurring revenue with repeat clients. We had some potential buyers from within the healthcare industry however an individual buyer that was involved in a family real estate investment firm had been looking at a couple of companies that we had for sale. He liked this company the best and made a full-price offer. He wanted to own his own business separate from his family office investment firm and he liked the recurring revenue business model. The buyer was able to pay the seller in full at the closing with SBA financing and a 50% down payment to the bank.

Mental Health & Psychotherapy Business

Large Counselling practice with 30 therapists has been sold. They provide counseling for anxiety, depressions, ADD, Autism, Substance Abuse, Psychosis, and more. Their services included telemedicine, in-home house calls, as well as in-office counseling. They serve individuals, families, vocational mentoring, and more. The business was purchased by another mental health business that wanted to expand through acquisition. The business was sold in less than 5 months from the time we started on the assignment. We assisted with SBA financing so that the seller was able to receive almost all of the proceeds at the closing.

Medical Imaging Testing Center in Miami, Florida

The business does testing that includes MRI, CT-Scans, Bone Density, X-Rays, Ultrasound, and more. To meet the seller’s expectation on the price we needed to contact a large number of potential buyers. The buyer that made the best offer was from South America. The seller had concerns about going with an international buyer but we were able to make the deal work.

Medical & Physical Therapy Business

(Millenium Medical Rehab) A business owned by a Physiatrist Medical Doctor & Acupuncturist. They provided additional Medical therapies and had on staff a Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, and provided Pain Management Services. The business was sold to a Physician that wanted to diversify their income beyond their own medical practice. The seller will help with a transition of the company before they retire. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Physical Therapy Business.

Home Care Business

(Quality Homemakers, Inc.) The owner had the business for 25 years and has two locations. Due to our experience selling multiple homecare businesses, she hired us to sell her business. We introduced several potential buyers, but the one that gave the best offer was from an individual who like the growth prospects of the company and industry with an aging population. It was also within commuting distance of his home. He didn’t have all of the funds to purchase the business so we introduced our banking contacts who were able to provide the buyer with financing to enable the seller to get paid at the closing with a small amount that would be paid in the future after the seller assists with a transition.

Adult Foster Care & Healthcare Staffing Business in Norfolk County, MA

The business provided licensed health care professionals such as nurses, home health aides, and therapists, to  Adult Foster Care Homes as well as hospitals, doctor’s offices, and more. The business was purchased for the full asking price by a $1.5B revenue diversified health care company owned by a private equity firm.  The business was sold for a multiple of approximately 5X the annual net cash flow.  The business has 250 clients that they serve with a team of in-house employees as well as some independent contractors. We received a signed offer letter for the full price that was accepted after only one month from the start of marketing the company.

Electronic Components Manufacturer for the Healthcare Industry

(Ram Technologies) This Company designs and manufactures highly specialized electronic components used by numerous manufacturers for the healthcare industry as well as other specialized uses. One of their niches is manufacturing power supply components, cables, and accessories for medical equipment – specifically echocardiograms. They are an ISO 9001 certified facility and a Tier One supplier to several major manufacturers that use these components exclusively to manufacture and assemble their finished products. We spoke to some companies in the industry that made offers, but the best offer came from an individual that we had a prior relationship with that was looking for this type of company.

Surgical Medical Practice in the Hudson Valley

(Loomis Plastic Surgery) Surgical Practice was sold to another Surgeon that wanted to expand their practice. We negotiated a price and terms that worked for both parties. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your surgical medical practice or view our healthcare businesses for sale.

Preventative Wellness Center in Fairfax County, Virginia

Alternative Healthcare Company with a couple of different locations, one of which focuses on  Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and GAINSWave therapy. They treat chronic illnesses like Lyme disease and Mold toxicity with effective alternative medical practices. We received several offers, and the one they selected allows them to receive significantly more than their asking price through profit sharing payments in addition to their guaranteed payments.

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