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Selling a Home Improvement Business

sell a home improvement businessThere are some different types of home improvement businesses. If you own a home improvement business, you know that your sales and net income fluctuate from one year to the next. If you have built up a successful home renovation business and you are thinking about retiring you are probably wondering what would be the best way to sell your home renovation business. Other considerations are: What price can you sell a home improvement business for and what Business Brokers have experience selling home improvement businesses?

Fortunately, you have come to the right place. Synergy Business Brokers has been selling home improvement businesses for over 15 years. We offer a confidential consultation to find out more about your business and walk you through the process. The first step is understanding the unique nature of your home improvement business. You may be interested in selling a roofing and siding business, or perhaps you have an insulation or home repair and maintenance business you would like to sell. In many cases, we sell home improvement businesses that have multiple areas of expertise.

Sell your Home Improvement Business

We focus on selling home improvement businesses that have annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 Million and annual net incomes (including owner's salary and benefits) of $250,000 to $7 Million. If you have a home improvement business that meets our criteria, then we have many potential buyers.

We have sold home improvement businesses to other home renovation business owners as well as wealthy entrepreneurs and private equity groups. During our confidential consultation, we will find out more about your business and give you an estimate of a potential selling price. Before we market the business, we will review your financial information to further refine a recommendation on an asking price for your home improvement business and get your input.

Home Improvement Business Brokers

Our Company offers the most comprehensive business broker services for Home Improvement companies. Whether you own a company serving residential clients or commercial clients we have qualified buyers interested in purchasing home improvement businesses for sale. Our great reputation has been developed for 20 years and we have been rated as one of the top 3 Business Brokers in the United States. If your business is located in the East, South, or Midwest we have buyers interested in purchasing businesses with strong cash flow. Our relationships with banks allow us to prequalify buyers for an SBA loan so that you don't necessarily have to provide owner financing.  Whether you want to sell just the business or also real estate, we can maximize your sale price and keep the sale confidential.

Some of the businesses we have sold include:

Matching up the right buyer with the right Business at the Right Price

We have a database of over 30,000 potential buyers, so a big part of our job is going through a large number of potential buyers to find the right buyers for your particular business. Once we have it narrowed down to a select number that are qualified & interested then we will answer questions, introduce them to you, and find out who will make the best offer for your business. It’s a process that unfolds over time. While we have sold a home improvement business in less than 3 months, typically it takes 6-10 months to sell depending on the price and details.

Protecting your Confidentiality

When we advertise and market your business, we don't provide the name of your business until someone signs a confidentiality agreement and includes information on their qualifications. We understand that you don't want your employees, customers, suppliers, and competitors to know that your business is for sale.home improvement business brokers

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If you are ready to get started, please fill out our quick form at Seller Registration. We have Experienced Business Brokers in NY, NJ, CT TX, PA, LA & MA and sell businesses throughout the US. Feel free to email us at or call us at 888-750-5950, and we’ll set up a private consultation.

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