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Mental Health and Behavioral Services – Fast-Growing Remote

Price: $2,990,000

Industry: Health Care

Location: Eastern, Pennsylvania

A well-established company providing home, community, school-based, and remote mental and behavioral health services throughout eastern PA and NJ.   The company provides continuous services for its clients to address mental health concerns, field deficits, and behavior management concerns across multiple stages in the developmental process ranging from infancy to adulthood.  This allows for current clients to remain with the company throughout their developmental process and it allows for potential clients to join at any stage of their development. This ability to follow their clients through all stages of their development is unique to this company as they are one of the only such behavioral health companies to do this. To that end, they can obtain clients from other existing clinics when their clients age out of their programs.  The company has established referral sources from local physicians and early intervention clinics. The list of their consistent referral sources spans many large well-known hospitals in Philadelphia and NJ, and multiple school system referrals among others.

The company is made up of a group of licensed healthcare professionals who share the owner’s passion to help create an environment that is committed to the success of their clients, families, and the community.  The company is committed to ensuring that all employees are licensed in the field and trained to provide services that are in high demand throughout the region.

This rapidly expanding behavioral practice provides a multitude of behavioral services that are in very high demand in the state of PA. They provide mental health wellness services through ABA therapy and a variety of therapies. They treat Autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, ODD, and more.

Clients get the all-around support required to promote healthy emotional well-being thanks to a collaborative service style, highly qualified employees, and strong core principles.

Accredited by BHCOE (Behavior Health Center of Excellence) and IBHS (Intensive Behavior Health Services) approved.  BHCOE Accreditation® is an earned certification and a distinction among ABA therapy providers that demonstrates an organization’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement in applied behavior analysis.

Services the company provides:

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA Services) including BCBA, LBS, RBT, and Direct Therapist

Talk Therapy (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Counseling)

Related Services for School Providers including Behavior Specialists, Instructional assistance, and Virtual Care Assistance

Transition: The owners will provide a smooth transition and are willing to help for up to 2 years. Key administrative and clinical staff in place will remain post-sale for the new owner.

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