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Business Brokers to Sell Your Appliance Repair Company

Sell Your Appliance repair businessHow to Sell an Appliance Repair Company 

Building up a successful appliance service business can take years of hard work and dedication. Handling a loyal client base and marketing your business to new customers takes expertise most don’t have. If you are thinking about putting your business on the market, make sure to treat the process with the same amount of care that you put into your business. Finding the right buyer for your appliance repair company takes different expertise that Synergy Business Brokers can offer. We have 2 decades of experience in marketing service businesses like yours and multiple awards from various ranking organizations. We understand the market and what kind of buyers will be interested.

Synergy Business Brokers has many buyers who are always looking to acquire a successful repair and maintenance business like yours. Our marketing team is comprised of experts who are seasoned in search engine optimization for appliance repair companies. They also utilize our email list of over 40,000 buyers to cast a wider net across the market. The buyer base is only interested in businesses with annual net profits between $250,000 and $25 million, but if you qualify, contact one of our brokers today to get started. 

The first part of our process involves learning what makes your appliance repair service business so successful. You might have a strong client base that refers you to their network or a strong pay-per-click presence on Google. Maybe you are hands-on with the day-to-day operations, or maybe you have a trusted group of appliance technicians and office staff who can handle everything without your constant approval. Whatever your situation, Synergy Business Brokers is confident we can find some interested parties for your appliance repair business. The entire process can take anywhere from 6-12 months, depending on the business’s pricing. 

Our brokers do not take any upfront fees or retainers for marketing your appliance repair business; we only get paid if we successfully sell it. This means we must price it to sell without leaving any money on the table. In order to know where to price your business, we have to take a look at the last three years’ tax returns and anything from year to date. This way, we can properly calculate your average take-home income. 

Confidential Business Brokers for Appliance Service Company

One of Synergy’s biggest priorities when marketing your appliance services business is confidentiality. Our marketing documents are all written to keep your intention to sell privately. Our public ad doesn’t go live unless you give it the green light, and your financials and sensitive information are not given to any prospects unless they have signed an NDA. Our senior brokers also look at a prospect’s qualifications for purchasing a business and only introduce you if they have been vetted. 

Although niche, the appliance repair industry has been steadily growing towards a total revenue of $6.3 billion in the United States. This steady growth will attract private equity groups, wealthy individuals, and other appliance businesses looking to expand quickly. Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of your industry’s growth; list with Synergy Business Brokers today!

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Since 2002, we have been helping businesses throughout the Northeast, the South, the Midwest, the West, and beyond. Our business brokers sell successful appliance service businesses throughout the country and worldwide. To start a confidential conversation, submit our easy online form, and we’ll set up a private consultation with one of our marketing experts. 

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