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Dewey Vaughn, MBA

Texas Business for sale BrokerSenior M&A Broker
Location: Texas
Phone: (214) 871-3330

Dewey is based in Dallas, TX, with an office in Santa Fe, NM. He relates to both buyers and sellers, having bought, and then sold several of his own companies. 

This gives him a vast knowledge of the complete experience from start to finish. Working as a CFO in a Private Equity firm and working with many Venture Capital companies gives him a comprehensive understanding of capital markets and investment strategies.​

Dewey has experience as a management consultant, helping companies work through operational issues, exit strategies, financial planning, and investment. He has handled large and small M&A transactions throughout his career.​

Dewey has experience in various industries, including Energy and Oil & Gas, having purchased, operated, and sold businesses within this industry.

​Dewey graduated "Summa Cum Laude" with a BS in Business, later furthering his education with an MBA. It's this education that gives him an in-depth understanding of proper business dealings. He also has received post-graduate degrees in Business Management (GBM) and Management Consultant (GMC).

Dewey sells companies throughout the Southern US, including  Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arkansas.

For more on Dewey, please watch his videos below:

Dewey Vaughn, MBA's Listings

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