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M&A Firm for the Services Industry

M&A Professional Service

If you are considering selling your services business, it helps to have the advice of someone with M&A experience in the services industry. Synergy Business Brokers is a leading M&A firm with over 20 years of experience executing mergers and acquisitions for service companies. We focus on service companies with annual revenues of $1,000,000 to $70 Million.

We offer you the best practices of M&A firms and Business Brokers. Our staff has years of working for large M&A firms such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Ernst & Young, and ING Barings. We have brought expertise from large national M&A firms and made it available to smaller companies in a boutique M&A firm for the services industry.

Most large M&A firms charge an upfront fee to begin working with their clients. We don't find it necessary to charge an upfront fee because we have successfully executed M&A deals in the service industry. We only get paid if we complete a transaction. For more on this, you can read M&A Fee Structures.

M&A Process for Professional Services Firms

We represent business owners in the Services Industry that want to be acquired and typically wish to exit their business after providing a transition period to the acquirer. Potential acquirers of a service firm can be another firm in the same industry or related industry and a private investment firm or wealthy individual.

Confidential Consultation for your services firm

If you are considering an exit from your services firm, we provide a confidential consultation to understand your goals and learn more about your business. Since we only get paid if we are successful, we'll give you an honest assessment of whether we think we can help you achieve your goals. We'll review your financial information and discuss a potential selling price.

Confidential Business Sales

We'll develop a profile about your service business, which is enough to get potential acquirers interested but not enough to give away your business's identity until a potential acquirer has signed a confidentiality agreement.  We'll use this profile to market and advertise your opportunity to the right prospective buyers. We have a database of 30,000, and we'll need to narrow this down to the best candidates for acquiring your services business.

Potential Acquirers

Usually, the best candidate to acquire your business can leverage your skills, customers, and employees to grow the business, unlock hidden value that you may have, and create synergies between the combined firms.

Our M&A experience in the service industry

We have successfully executed Mergers and Acquisitions for the following types of services businessesConsulting, Marketing, Security, IT Services, Construction, Healthcare, Engineering, Recreation & Entertainment, Landscaping, Home Improvement, environmental services, and more.

Acquiring A Services Company

If you are interested in Acquiring a services business, please view our Service Companies for Sale. You may also be interested in our Construction Businesses for Sale, Contractor Businesses for sale, or Tech Companies for Sale.

You can sort by price, geography, industry, keyword, and more. If you a services company that you are interested in, please fill out our electronic NDA on the listing of interest and provide some qualifying information. One of our M&A Advisors will contact you.

Selling a Services Business with an experienced M&A firm

Take the first step by filling out our confidential simple online form or email us at We sell services businesses in CA, IL, FL, NYNJPA, MD,  TXCTMA, OHNH, LA, and throughout the US.

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