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Business Broker for Mortgage Broker & Lenders

Experienced Business Broker for your Mortgage Brokerage

Do you own a successful mortgage broker and lender business and are looking to get it off your hands but don't know how? Does the process seem daunting and unfamiliar? A representative from Synergy Business Brokers' executive sales team can help you understand the process of selling your mortgage lender and brokerage.

sell your mortgage broker and lender businessAs a broker yourself, you understand what it takes to do a good job for a client. You help save them time and money by looking for the best solution to each situation. At Synergy, we provide a similar service, setting up our sellers with a qualified and well-suited buyer. Each client that we take on has different needs that require us to stay on our feet. We have experience selling a variety of brokerage and other service businesses such as

and have been doing so for nearly two decades. We are confident that we can help your mortgage brokerage find the right fit.

Confidential Marketing Assessment

Synergy provides an effective marketing program designed to give you multiple options and offers for your business. We understand the hesitancy to divulge sensitive information and assure you that we will maintain the confidentiality of the sale of your mortgage brokerage. Whether you are solely a mortgage broker or provide mortgage lender services, or are an umbrella company that provides both, we can help you find the best fit for your situation. Synergy has over 30,000 potential buyers in its database and helps companies ranging from $250,000 to $7 million in annual income. For companies on the larger end, we can even set you up with private equity firms that may be intent on acquiring a mortgage brokerage.

Our ultimate goal is to find you a buyer that will maximize the value of your business just as you have. We know that sometimes it's hard to find the right person who checks all the boxes in areas of expertise while still carrying the ability to satisfy clients and that's why we generally find that the time frame for selling a business is 6-12 months on average.

Selling my Mortgage Broker and Lender Business Online

As the internet becomes more and more integrated into the way we communicate, it becomes easier to sell your business online. Synergy uses the internet as our primary mode of advertising. We use sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to advertise your company in the most eye-catching way we can. However, we do this in generic terms, requiring any potential buyers to sign NDAs and show they are qualified before providing them with more intimate details. This allows us to weed out ones who are blowing smoke and identify those who are serious. Time frame-wise, Synergy looks to provide you with a first buyer within the 1-10 weeks and tries to give you 1-6 buyers to choose from and negotiate with. 

Each business has its own intangible value that we aim to identify. Help us help you today!


If you're in NY, NJ, CT, MA, TX, MD, LA, PA, & NM, or most parts of the US and are interested in selling a Mortgage Broker and Lender Business; we are here to help. Drop us a line at, fill out and submit our online form or give us a call at 888-750-5950, and we'll set up a private consultation to get started.

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