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Powder Coating, Hydrographic, Design & Fabrication – Equipment

Price: $690,000

Annual Revenue: $1,653,352

Net Cash Flow: $145,643

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: El Paso County, Texas

Well-established Powder Coating – Hydrographics, design, and fabrication of large ovens, gas, and electric. The business transitioned from powder coating & hydrographics to the design and fabrication of industrial ovens and other equipment. The company also sells different equipment items such as – Industrial ovens for powder coating, paint drying, paint booth for wet paint and powder paint, paint stripping equipment, sandblasting rooms and equipment, high-temperature ovens for color burn off, wash stations, and washbasins.

Each product manufactured can be customized to meet any client’s unique requirements and particular specifications. The company offers powder coating services to businesses and the general public. The company has partnered with finishing consulting services in fabricating fencing for commercial and residential locations.


Employees: 8


Monthly Rent: 6000

Square Footage: 19800

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