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Trusted Business Brokers for Washington, DC

Mergers & Acquisitions Firm for Washington, DCSelling Companies in Washington, DC

Are you considering selling a company in Washington, DC, in manufacturing, healthcare, services, technology, transportation, distribution, and construction? We sell companies in these industries with an owner's net income of $250,000 to $7 Million.   You may have questions such as:

  • How long will it take to sell my tech company in DC?
  • Do you have potential buyers for my DC-based Manufacturing Company?
  • What is the process of selling a healthcare business in DC?
  • How much can you sell my construction company in DC for?
  • What are the fees for selling a Distribution business in DC?

Award-Winning M&A Business Brokers for Washington, DC

We offer a confidential consultation to answer your questions and provide you with a potential asking price. There is no fee for our services until your company is sold.

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Ways To Sell Your Washington DC Business

There are two ways to sell your company in DC.  You can sell your DC company yourself or sell your business with a business broker.

1. Sell Your Washington DC Business On Your Own

If you are ready to sell your Washington, DC business, you can try to sell it yourself. Selling a business while also running a business is extremely difficult. You should consider hiring a business broker.

2. Sell Your Washington DC Business With A Business Broker

By selling your business with a professional business broker, you can sell your business much more efficiently and for the maximum profit. Contact us to sell your business.

Sell Your Washington DC Business When It Has Success

It is beneficial to sell your DC company when it sees success because that is when it is most profitable to sell a business. Due to the increased revenue and the likely potential for your business to continue growing, buyers will be interested in buying your company.

Get All Of Your Financial Information Organized To Sell Your Business

When you are trying to sell your company, you need to organize your financial information for potential buyers. You will also need a business valuation. A professional business broker will provide an accurate business valuation if you have all the financial information prepared. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your DC business.

Mergers & Acquisitions for DC Companies

During our confidential consultation, we'll learn more about your company and how to best position it for an acquisition. We'll discuss your goals and what is important to you. We must establish a collaborative relationship. You are an expert at your business, and we're experts at the Mergers and acquisitions process. Next, we'll review your financial information and provide you with a potential price for your business. If that is within the ballpark of your expectations, we'll start the marketing process.

Confidential Sales Process for DC Businesses

We'll develop a marketing document that provides information to get potential buyers interested. However, we won't provide the name and location until a potential acquirer signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement and provides more information about their qualifications.  For a sample of some of the overviews, you can visit Businesses for sale. Once the buyer signs the NDA, we'll provide them with more specific details on your business. We generally have to speak with many potential buyers before we get one that is qualified and interested enough to introduce to you.

Multiple Offers for Your DC Business

Our goal is always to get you multiple offers. This provides the best leverage to obtain an excellent price for your business. We combine the best practices of an M&A firm and a Business Brokerage.  We have experienced M&A professionals, and our fee structure aligns our goals with yours.

Maintaining confidentiality while selling a DC Company

Confidentiality is essential to our clients. You don't want your customers, competitors, and employees to know that you are selling your company. This is where an experienced M&A advisor can help. It's essential to have an experienced third party that keeps you insulated from working with qualified potential buyers that have signed a confidentiality agreement. We only introduce the buyers who are qualified and interested. The sales process can take 6 to 12 months, but we have sold businesses in a few months if everything moves quickly.

Contact us to sell your DC Business

Please fill out our form online. We will be happy to discuss your options to see if we can help you achieve your goal of selling your Washington area business.

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