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Environmental Consulting firm in Dallas, Texas

(Benchmark Environmental Consultants) They provide a full range of environmental consulting services to clients nationwide. Their clients range from the wireless telecom industry to municipal government agencies and Fortune 500 customers. Their services included: Environmental site assessments, environmental impact statements, subsurface investigations, pollution prevention inspections and planning, remedial designs and actions, indoor air quality, and sustainability services. The owner contacted us because of our experience in selling environmental services as well as engineering and construction-related companies. We were able to locate multiple interested parties. Terms that were acceptable to both parties were negotiated, and due diligence moved forward quickly. The deal closed in 4 months from the time we started working for our client. They are a certified DBE and HUB business.

Water Treatment Products & Services Company in Boston, MA Area

(Gurney Water Treatment) Family owned business for over 50 years, being sold by the 2nd generation owner.  The business designs, develops, installs, and services water treatment systems to all kinds of organizations in MA.  We had several potential qualified buyers who made offers on the business opportunity, so the seller was in a position to determine which buyer was the right one to carry the business forward.  After some due diligence by both buyer and seller, both sides were confident that they had the right fit.  The seller has a one-year employment agreement to ensure that the transition to the new owner will go smoothly. Contact Business Brokers with experience selling water treatment companies.

Staffing Company in Maryland

(Anchor Staffing) Our client had two offices in Maryland and an office in Pennsylvania. They focused on staffing in accounting, construction, information technology, warehousing, secretarial, and management. They provided temporary to permanent hires as well as direct placement. We received three different offers. The business was sold to a nationwide staffing firm. Both buyer and seller thought it was a good fit because the seller’s clients were mostly national companies and the acquiring firm would be able to grow these accounts with their national presence. The business sold for the full asking price. Contact us to sell your staffing business or view our service businesses for sale.

Energy Conservation, Certification & Analysis firm in Middlesex County, MA

(Sustainable Energy Analytics) A company based in Middlesex County that analyzed how to reduce energy costs cost-effectively. They utilized testing, building code verification, and certification services, including LEED certifications, Energy Star, Green Building requirements, thermal imaging analysis, and more. Provided services to architects, general contractors, remodelers, HVAC contractors, as well as homeowners. We set up meetings with multiple potential buyers, and the best offer came in slightly under the asking price. The buyer was motivated and saw the value of the company, so he was willing to raise his proposal to the full asking price and was able to get SBA financing for the purchase. Contact us to sell your environmental services company.

Educational Training Program Company for K-12 in Florida

(PLC Associates) A company that has thousands of school districts across dozens of states in the country. The owner had built up a very successful company and wanted to see their programs go out nationwide. They sought our help to find the right buyers. We had a large number of interested buyers.  We received 2 Letters of Intent (LOIs) from strategic buyers in the industry and 3 LOIs from private equity groups, and a couple of other LOIs from wealthy individuals.  With all of this activity, the buyers increased their initial offer. The winning buyer was an educational business that is owned by a $Billion private equity firm. They were able to pay a high multiple of 7X net income based on the fact that they could leverage the programs the seller had to increase the revenue and profit at a more rapid pace than they were already on. Our bidding process was able to move the deal along quickly. The sales process took about 5 months from start to finish. And the seller was very comfortable with the buyer’s expertise. They had acquired several other educational consulting companies and were able to integrate the new companies successfully. Please contact us if you would like to sell your K-12 educational company in Florida or any other state.

Temporary Staffing Company in Delaware

(Delmarva Temporary Staffing) The business is a temp staffing agency in Delaware that worked with supplying temp to perm staffing for the state of De.  We entertained three offers and went with a strategic buyer that was a staffing company in Canada. We got a multiple of 3 to 4X earnings, along with a lucrative consultant agreement for the seller. The deal included 100% cash at the close with no seller note. The seller will stay on for three years, reducing her salary after the first year. They are making her a key manager for spotting growth opportunities. A position she wanted.  Buyers were eager to break into the USA market on the east coast and will continue to bring staffing opportunities to them. The business provides staffing for accounting, administrative, medical, social workers, warehousing, IT, Marketing, Sales, and more. They also provide payroll services and background checking.

Management Consulting & Coaching Company in Chicago, Illinois

(Sloan Group) This management consulting provided high-level executive coaching and professional development for successful executives. Their services included workshops, one-on-one coaching, leadership seminars, strategic planning, and more. Their clients include thousands of executives in Tech, Media, Finance, and Healthcare. The company’s headquarters are in the Chicago, Illinois area, but the owner relocated to Australia. So, we had Zoom conferences with prospective buyers and the seller. We had a number of interested buyers. However, the only full-price offer came from an individual buyer within the Chicago area who had a background in IT, Healthcare, and finance. He purchased the business with only a 10% down payment, and the balance was funded through bank financing. The deal was completed in less than 5 months from the time the buyer first inquired about the business.

Landscaping Business

(Ace Landscaping) They provide lawn care, tree services, masonry, sprinkler systems, and more. The seller wanted to retire and had previously hired another broker that was unable to get them the price that they were looking for. We were able to introduce multiple buyers, including some other large Landscaping companies that were looking to expand. However, the highest offer that was acceptable to the owner came from an individual from Pennsylvania that did not have experience in Landscaping but was interested in moving back to New York and buying a NY based business. We arranged bank financing so the seller only had to provide 10% of the price in the form of seller financing and 90% of the amount was paid at the closing with the bank providing 70% of the price and the buyer 20%. Contact us to sell your Landscaping Business or view our Landscaping Businesses for sale. 

Window Cleaning Service with Commercial Customers in Louisiana

(Acme Window Cleaners, LLC) Dominant high-rise window cleaner in New Orleans, Louisiana.  In business for 70 years.  The business was purchased by another window cleaning service located in a separate city looking to expand into the New Orleans market. The deal closed in 8 months from the time the seller hired us to sell their cleaning services company.

Environmental Services Business in Indiana

(National Environmental, Inc.) Environmental Services company with a unique approach that allows them to offer both on and off-site solutions. We found a buyer that was a larger company in the same industry based in Ohio that was interested in expanding geographically as well as expanding into services that this company provides. The staff includes licensed, seasoned veterans from the environmental industry with a focus on environmental compliance and professional technicians and CDL drivers. Since they don’t own or operate any landfills, TSDs, recycling centers, or CWTs, they offer independent solutions. Their wastewater consulting services focus on developing onsite treatment programs while the waste management specialists offer an array of options for landfill, landfill-free, treatment, EFW, recycling, and repurpose.  Included with the business are vehicles for the safe movement of waste streams to off-site disposal and recycling centers.

Commercial Cleaning Company in Monmouth County, NJ

(Total Maintenance Services) This company has regular customers for office cleaning, medical cleaning, daycare cleaning, carpet cleaning, and floor waxing and buffing.  In addition, they also provided handyman work and provided electrical and plumbing services through licensed contractors.  The highest offer was 3X the owner’s income. The buyer was able to get SBA financing so the seller received the payment from the bank at the closing. It took a little longer with the SBA financing but the business was closed in 7 months from the time the seller contact us.  Both buyer and seller were happy with the outcome.

Window & Door Supply & Installation company in Florida

One of the largest Regional powerhouse suppliers and installers of windows and doors catering to builders and homeowners.  We had a number of potential buyers, including private equity groups and high-net-worth individuals. Ultimately the buyer who was willing to pay the full price was another large company in the industry who was making a strategic acquisition to grow their company.

IT Staffing Business in St. Louis, Missouri

(Staffing Resources) IT Staffing business with long-term contracts with repeat customers. They have hundreds of clients. We were able to bring in a number of potential buyers. We received a full-price offer of about 3X net cash flow from an IT Staffing Company in New Jersey that had offices in Canada, Texas, India, and California. Acquiring this IT Staffing company based in Missouri allowed them to expand into the Midwest with staff and customers in place. They also liked the fact that the company they acquired had long-term relationships with their customers. In addition, the buyer’s company had more recruiting resources to expand on the relationships that the seller had.

Marketing & Management Consulting Company

(Mark Stevens & Company) The company provides a full range of advertising and marketing and management consulting services.  We had multiple potential buyers, and the owner didn’t want to retire immediately, so he decided to sell 50% of the business and stay on and work with the new owners for several years and increase the value of his remaining 50% ownership. The second half of the business was sold 5 years after the first half of the business. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Marketing Agency.

Internet Dry Cleaner Business

(Flat Rate Cleaners) Internet Dry Cleaner business based out of New Jersey servicing customers in NYC and New Jersey. We located a buyer that had an existing Dry Cleaner plant and could leverage these retail customers with his current business. The seller wanted to take some time off from working for the company and was able to do so after completing the sale.

Insurance Brokerage in Bergen County, New Jersey

(Wiggers Insurance) Although our marketing campaign attracted dozens of potential buyers, we spent considerable time qualifying them so that the seller would not have to spend his valuable time interacting with buyers who were either unable or unwilling to meet his pricing target. After winnowing the vast field of buyers to only a handful that we introduced to the seller, we negotiated a price that was significantly higher than the prevailing price for comparably sized brokerages. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Insurance Agency.

Garage Door Installation and Repair Business in Nashville, TN

The seller initially contacted us to get some information on selling his garage door business. As he became more comfortable speaking with us, he decided to list his business with us. We were able to get a number of buyers quickly, and he accepted an offer for his business within a week of listing it for more than $200,000 over his asking price. The buyer was a large garage door company that was growing through acquisitions. The deal had several twists and turns, with attorneys not agreeing on terms. However, we were able to resolve the differences and close on the sale within a few months of listing the business.

Landscaping Business

(John Bauso Landscaping, Inc.) As a result of our previous experience selling Landscaping businesses, the owner of the company was confident in our ability to represent him in the sale of his business. We were able to introduce multiple buyers and negotiate a sale price and terms that worked for both buyer and seller. The seller will stay on after the sale and be paid a consulting fee with the number of hours worked decreasing over time.

Environmentally Friendly Oil Recycling Business in Southern New Hampshire

(EcoOil Recycling) This business is a favorite of the EPA as they recover oil from restaurants and then process and resell it for multiple uses. In addition, they clean the internal grease traps, which is a value add and leads to the profitable oil recovery business. During the COVID-19 recession, we were able to introduce the buyer within 1 week and close the deal in less than 4 months from our first conversation with the seller. The business is located in Rockingham County, NH and serves approximately 600 restaurant customers in MA, NH, and ME. All customers are serviced monthly, creating a predictable, recurring revenue stream. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your eco-friendly business.

Promotional Products, Gifts, Awards & Apparel Business in Maryland

(Capital Gifts) A company that offers online incentive programs for their corporate client’s promotions. They provide warehousing of merchandise for programs, multiple websites, company online stores, and the latest technology for customer service and order processing to ensure a great client experience. Their clients include businesses, law firms, government, and military customers. They are based out of Annapolis, Maryland. We had a number of potential buyers but no one that wanted to offer the full asking price. Then we found a buyer in Maryland that was looking exactly for a company like this. The buyer had recently formed a new company that sells gifts to consumers via their website and they wanted to expand to corporate customers which this acquisition allowed them to quickly do. Contact us to sell your promotional products company.

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