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Intermodal Transport Solutions Company – Includes Real Estate

Price: $7,000,000

Annual Revenue: $16,000,000

Net Cash Flow: $650,000

Industry: Transportation

Location: Italy and Romania, Europe

The price includes approx. USD 2M+ in real estate, and USD 3.3M+ in equipment that is less than 6 years old.

This 25-year-old well-branded company provides innovative intermodal transport solutions, utilizing mega trailers for high-volume capacity. This has positioned the business as a leader in the transportation and logistics sector and significantly reduced emissions compared to traditional road transport.

  • The company carries out its operations with the help of two entities:
    • The parent company is headquartered in Italy and a Romania-based subsidiary is 100% owned by the parent company.
    • The Italy-based parent company is the face of the business, it handles all the clients, signs contracts, and employs the management.
    • The Italy office has 15 team members.
    • While the Romanian entity is purely for operations, it employs 95% of the total drivers and owns about 50% of the total trailers.
    • The Romanian entity is like a subcontractor for the company and 100% of its revenue is from the Italian parent company.
    • The Romanian entity employs 50 team members.

However, the company doesn’t only rely on its subsidiary and subcontracts trucking operations to various other companies across Romania, Poland, Estonia, and Lithuania.

  • The company has a solid customer base in the automotive industry, dealing only with highly solvent multinational corporations. This ensures a steady flow of business and reduces the risk of bad debts. Some of the biggest logistic companies further subcontract work to the company. Customers pay on an invoice-based method, based on 60-90 days after the completion of service.
  • Over the past decade, the company has built strong relationships with major rail operators in Europe, with active and convenient contracts in place. This provides a stable and reliable operational framework for intermodal transport services.
  • With the current structure, the company can handle up to 200 trailers. Each of these trailers has the potential to generate over EUR 10,000 in sales per month. With full utilization of the current structure, the company has the potential to generate sales of over EUR 2 million per month from the trailers alone.
  • The combination of innovative intermodal transport solutions, a strong customer base in the automotive industry, long-term collaborations with major logistics providers, and contracts with major rail operators position the business for substantial growth in the increasingly eco-conscious global market.

Products and Services Overview

  • Intermodal transport with mega trailers: The core business lies in innovative intermodal transport solutions, utilizing mega trailers for high-volume capacity. This service has revolutionized transport from Italy to various destinations, providing a unique advantage in terms of volume capacity and efficiency. This standout offering positions the company as a leader in the transportation and logistics sector.
  • Voluminous transport: expertise in handling bulky products using large-volume trailers and trucks, optimizing logistics for clients.
  • Transport for automotive industries: Specialized services catering to the transport needs of the automotive industry, including the transport of spare parts.
  • Express transport: swift and efficient express transport services, eliminating pauses and stops from withdrawing goods to their delivery.
  • Full or partial truckload: flexible options for full or partial truckloads to cater to diverse customer needs.

Listing Details

FFE: $3,300,000 (Included in Price)

Real Estate: $2,000,000 (Included in Price)

Reason For Sale:

The company is owned by three partners (of the same family). Two partners will retire, and the third will stay on in a capacity agreeable to all parties.
This structure has allowed for close collaboration and a shared vision, contributing to the company's success in the transportation and logistics sector.

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