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Last Mile Logistics Platform – 75% Growth – Has Accepted Offer

Price: $4,700,000

Annual Revenue: $11,000,000

Net Cash Flow: $941,000

Industry: Technology

Location: Delaware

This business has an accepted offer. Please view our other Tech Companies for sale.

Minimum of $4.7M for a 57% stake in the Company

Transaction Overview:

  • Secure a majority stake in a rapidly growing last-mile logistics technology company with an upfront commitment of just $520K.
  • The majority stake includes a shareholding of 57% with 4 out of 7 board seats. The valuation for this significant stake ranges from $4.7M to $6.5M, with a minimum transaction price of $4.7M. Depending on the agreed Earn Out structure, the final price may scale up to $6.5M over time.
  • The Company’s founder is seeking an upfront payment of $520K upon closing, with plans to gradually transition out of the business over the next 6-7 years. During this transition period, the founder is committed to supporting the buyer in driving business growth and is open to participating in its success through an Earn Out arrangement.
  • The management has proposed an EO structure based on revenue growth, i.e., for every $1 increase in revenues, Earn Out payments amount to $0.2 multiplied by the percentage of equity stake acquired. Additionally, the company is prepared to provide financial assistance to cover any funds required for Earn Out payments, ensuring a seamless transition for the buyer.
  • An Enterprise Value of $15M and a 100% Equity Value of $11.3M.

Company Overview: The Company offers a mission-critical Delivery Management Platform, linking businesses in need of last-mile delivery solutions with an extensive network of over half a million drivers. It serves as the go-to platform, like Uber, for businesses seeking efficient product delivery to their customers.

Current operations of the Company are served by a technology-enabled last-mile logistics platform. At the same time, the technology is also built to serve as a SaaS-only platform for anyone in this space.

Established almost a decade ago, the Company is headquartered in Delaware. The firm is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business, a member of Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA) and Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA).

In 2023, the Company achieved a notable milestone by exceeding $8M in revenue, representing an impressive 75% growth compared to its 2022 revenues. With a track record of sustained profitability, the Company has established ambitious yet realistic goals, aiming to achieve an adjusted EBITDA of $1.2M by the year 2024.

Services offered: The Company offers a logistics mobile application, presenting an innovative alternative to traditional delivery services. Through this platform, both businesses and consumers gain access to a curated network of local drivers, facilitating same-day deliveries at competitive rates.

Clients: The Company has a B2B client base of 5 customers in the Auto and e-Commerce industries. These customers are served across multiple locations, which develops an embedded relationship with the Company and its solution, making it a mission-critical offering and difficult to switch to a competing platform.

Approximately 90% of the Company’s recurring revenues come from a single major client serviced across 11 states. The Company’s extensive relationship with this client, established over almost a decade, is poised to contribute to continued revenue growth in the upcoming years. The Company also onboarded a new client in the same industry towards the end of last year which will result in more diversifications in revenues during the year.

Employees and Operations: The Company has a capable and experienced management team committed to staying on board post-close. Moreover, the firm is backed by various institutional investors who will keep supporting its growth in the future.

Reason for Selling: The Company’s founder wants a minimum upfront payment and then wants to transition out of the business in the next 5-6 years. During the period, the owner is willing to help the buyers grow the business and get a share of the pie based on an agreed Earn Out arrangement.

Financials: The Company posted Jan 2024 run-rate revenues & EBITDA of approximately $11M and $941K, respectively. In February 2024, a significant addition to its clientele in the auto sector is projected to contribute annual revenues ranging between $1.5M to $2M. With an expanding customer base anticipated throughout the year, the Company is poised to surpass $12M in revenues, maintaining an EBITDA margin of approximately 10%.

Market Overview: In 2023, the revenue of the US Courier and local delivery services market surpassed $165B. Over the five years from 2018 to 2023, the market size for Couriers & Local Delivery Services in the US experienced a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.9%. *

Looking ahead, the Global Logistics Management Market is projected to witness robust growth, with a forecasted 7-year CAGR of 8.5% during the period from 2024 to 2031. **

*Source: IBIS World []

**Source: Cognitive Market Research []

Listing Details

Down Payment: $520,000

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