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Manufacturing Transactions

Niche Manufacturing Business in New Haven County, CT

(Record Products of America) We did a comprehensive, confidential marketing program which resulted in a large number of potential buyers that signed Non-Disclosure Agreements for more information. We narrowed down the list of potential buyers to those that were the most qualified and interested. Our contacts with SBA Lenders allowed the buyer to finance the deal with a minimal down payment, and the seller received over 85% of the sale price at closing. The seller agreed to a paid consulting contract of 12 months with minimal weekly hours, allowing for a transition into retirement. Contact us to sell a manufacturing company or view our manufacturing businesses for sale.

Cosmetics Manufacturing Lab in Passaic County, New Jersey

(Contemporary Cosmetics Group) 30-year-old cosmetic lab with a full line of products for the beauty industry. They also did contract manufacturing for other cosmetic companies. We located an out of state, synergistic buyer that saw the value in the business for sale and wanted to add this to their existing operations. We were able to get a signed contract within 3 1/2 months from when we started working with our client. Contact us to sell your cosmetics business quickly.

Technology Company in the Security Industry on Long Island, NY

(Alarmpath/CRN Wireless) A company that manufacturers wireless security devices which they sold to home alarm and security companies. The seller did not want to sell their company to a direct competitor or customers and was concerned about confidentiality. They had previously tried to sell the company with another Business Broker that was unsuccessful and charges an upfront fee. They liked our fee structure and experience. As with every listing we had potential buyers sign confidentiality agreements and contacted buyers that were in the industry, but not direct competitors, and also companies in related industries that could leverage the technology and customer base. We did receive multiple offers on the business for sale, and ultimately, the best buyer that was able to move forward in a timely fashion came from someone outside the industry. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your alarm system business.

Chemical Manufacturing & Distribution Company in Texas

Large Chemical manufacturing, distribution, and repackaging company with a 100,000 sq. ft. work area on 20 acres for blending their products and other products. Also included in the sale is a trucking and logistics company that provides better control of its products and provide third-party transportation. They provide blending for Oil Field Services, Paint & Coatings, Wastewater treatment companies, and more. We received a number of offers and were able to leverage this so that the seller received more than the asking price for the business. The seller will stay on after the sale to ensure a smooth transition. 

Pool Cue Manufacturing Company in Mississippi

(Meucci Cues) As with most of our manufacturing deals, we had a number of interested buyers, with over 10 making an offer for the business. Most of the offers were for around 4X cash flow, but the winning bidder was for over 5X cash flow. This was a motivated individual buyer who had financing in place so that they could pay most of the sale price at the closing with the balance paid within one year.

Plastic Manufacturing & Fabrication Business

(Plastic Works) Provided custom and off the shelf products to distributors and directly to consumers. The business had been previously listed with multiple business brokers. We were able to find the right buyer for this niche manufacturer and close the deal. Contact a Business Broker to sell your plastic manufacturing business.

Steel Fabrication Business in Maryland

AISC certified shop utilizing skilled fabricators, welders, and estimators delivering high-quality products including stairs, railings, connection parts, and more. They have a large 48,000 sq. ft. facility. Established over 30 years. Located in the Washington, DC area of Maryland. The business had multiple offers and was sold for the full asking price. The business was purchased by an entrepreneur that had previously purchased another business from us last year and is looking to build his portfolio with future purchases from us. The sellers were comfortable that the buyer would take care of their employees and customers going forward.  Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your metal fabrication business

Manufacturer of Packaging Machines in Union County, NJ

(MacTec Packaging Technologies) The company supplies niche machines used for packaging in pharmaceuticals, chemical testing, food, health and beauty, and R&D clinical applications.  The seller wanted to list the business for a lower price than what we thought we could get for the business. We recommended a higher asking price and ended up selling the business for above the asking price based on the fact that we had over half a dozen offers for the business.  The seller had tax returns based on a cash basis and profit and loss statements based on an accrual basis. The financial information as presented made it harder for banks to loan on the business. We were able to select a private equity firm that understood this and didn’t need external financing. The business was sold in 7 months from start to finish. The seller was thrilled to get a higher price and recommended us to a friend who owns a similar business and is looking to retire. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Packaging Business.

Dog Food Manufacturing Company in Indiana

(Allbrights Raw Dog Food) Our client was a growing raw dog food business based in the greater Chicago area of Indiana. Based on our experience in selling businesses in the pet supply industry, the owner hired us to find the best buyers for him.  We presented the seller with several options. The best offer came from a private equity firm that owned another business in the pet food industry. They bought the business for over the asking price, which was more than 5X the owner’s net cash flow. The business was sold in 8 months from the time the seller hired us.

Manufacturing & Distribution Specialty Food Business located North of Albany, NY

(Futia’s Famous) The Business supplied their specialty food products primarily to Supermarkets.  We had many interested buyers and the buyer that won out, had relationships with other supermarkets that the seller didn’t have and vice versa, so the opportunity to cross-sell into each other’s customer base was very synergistic.  The buyer was very interested in the contacts that came from the business, and the buyer was looking to move from their high rent district in the Rochester, NY Area. They were able to get a favorable deal with the landlord for additional space in the Albany area at almost half the square foot rate they were paying in Rochester. Since the buyer was experienced in the industry, he only required the seller to stay on board for a two-week transition period, which is precisely what the owner wanted because he was ready to retire. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Food Manufacturing Business.

Environmentally Friendly Oil Recycling Business in Southern New Hampshire

(EcoOil Recycling) This business is a favorite of the EPA as they recover oil from restaurants and then process and resell it for multiple uses. In addition, they clean the internal grease traps, which is a value add and leads to the profitable oil recovery business. During the COVID-19 recession, we were able to introduce the buyer within 1 week and close the deal in less than 4 months from our first conversation with the seller. The business is located in Rockingham County, NH and serves approximately 600 restaurant customers in MA, NH, and ME. All customers are serviced monthly, creating a predictable, recurring revenue stream. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your eco-friendly business.

Manufacturer & Distributor of Architectural Glass & Aluminum located in Connecticut

(Architectural Glass Industries) A company that fabricates and sells custom glass and aluminum to contractors and construction companies that install their products for residential and commercial customers. Their products are used in kitchen and baths, storefronts, railings, countertops, flooring, and interior and exterior construction. We marketed the company to potential buyers within the construction industry and outside the industry. The best offer came from a buyer in his 30s who had managed a wealthy family office investment fund. He had accumulated significant funds himself and decided it was time to open up his own investment firm, and this was his first investment. He purchased the business and real estate with his own funds and did not need any outside financing, which leads to an easier closing. The Real Estate had a 12,000 sq. ft. facility. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Glass Fabrication & Services Business.

Machine Shop & Defense Contractor

(Four K Machine Shop) The company prototypes and fabricates metal parts for military and commercial applications. They utilize CAD software applications for custom metal machining. A few long term government customers make up the majority of their revenue.  The buyer was a Turkish company that imported and exported military equipment. Turkey is a NATO ally, and the Turkish company acquired this company in the NY area to establish a presence in the US. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Machine Shop.

Package Manufacturing Company in the Allentown, PA Area

(JD Packaging) A well-established Contract Packaging Company, providing turn-key packaging solutions focused on flexible liquid pouches for the cosmetic and personal care industry consumer products, is available for acquisition. The seller wanted to retire and contacted us in May. We introduced the first potential buyer in June. In July, we introduced the buyer that purchased the business. He worked at a large manufacturing company and was able to get bank financing and close on the deal in October. All told, it was 5 months from the first contact until closing. The business has been established for more than 10 years and has developed an excellent reputation, and has yearly repeat customers who are small, medium, and large private label companies that supply products to nationally known channels.

Electronic Components Manufacturer for the fitness industry

(ESI Electronic Products Corp.) They provide comprehensive, advanced electronic design and manufacturing services. They manufacture printed circuit boards (PCB) and other electronic design and control assemblies for their customer’s needs, including product development. They service customers in industries that include: telecommunications, industrial controls, exercise equipment, industrial testing, and consumer equipment. The owner had a 15,000 sq. ft. building that he will lease to the new owner. The buyer had an engineering and manufacturing background and had funding from Hong Kong sources. The deal was completed in less than 5 months from our marketing program. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your component and parts manufacturing and distribution business. 

Lamp Shade Manufacturing & Distribution Company in Middlesex County, NJ

(New Brunswick Lamp Shade Corporation) The business had been in the family for three generations and over 75 years. All products are manufactured in the US and were sold B2B. Customers are retail stores, distributors, hospitality companies, and interior artisans. The owner was ready to retire and wanted us to find the right buyer for his business. We located several potential buyers and sold the business within 7 months of starting our marketing campaign. The buyer was another manufacturing company whose owner wanted to diversify its products and expand through acquisition. Contact us to sell your lighting products and services business.

Trailer Manufacturing and Distribution Business in Texas

They manufacture trailers for industrial, commercial, and recreational uses with over 40 models. They have a large 127,000 Sq. Ft. Manufacturing Facility with a 45-acre property. They have built up a large distributor network and also distribute other brands. They have over 90 employees. They supply trailers for automobiles, landscaping equipment, horses, cargo, motorcycles, livestock, and more. The business was very profitable but also came with some debt so took some time to find the right buyer.

Closet & Storage Design, Manufacturing and Installation Business

The seller was ready for a change after working in the business for many years. They engaged us to sell their business. We located several potentially interested buyers. The best offer came from an overseas buyer in Europe that wanted to live in the United States with the purchase of a business under the E-2 Visa program.  We negotiated terms that worked for both parties, and the buyer was able to realize their dream of living in the US, and the seller will help them with a transition. Contact us to sell your closet and storage business.

Distributor of Industrial Automation Products

(VS Systematics) They distributed products nationwide and internationally. In addition, they performed machine shop work for repairs and customization of parts. They distributed thousands of products for hundreds of manufacturers, including Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Thompson, Warner, and many more.  Some of the customers include chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing companies. The owner was ready to retire and wanted us to find a buyer familiar with the industry. We had a lot of interest and arranged SBA financing so that the buyer only needed to put down 9% of the purchase price. Contact us to sell your industrial automation company.

CNC Machine Shop for Aluminum & Steel Parts

(Time Manufacturing, Inc.) This company is family-owned and a very profitable niche specialty manufacturer for High Precision, Close Tolerance Parts. The company specializes in CNC milling and turning and operates under ISO 9000 standards. The Facility operates out of a rented space of 6,000 sqft. We were able to find a buyer that worked in the corporate world and had experience in CNC machining. He was able to get bank financing and close on the deal. Their products are used in Aerospace, Semi-Conductors, Metrology, and Industrial Companies.

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