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Global Engineering Company

Price: $4,300,000

Annual Revenue: $4,473,846

Net Cash Flow: $1,042,000

Industry: Engineering

Location: United Kingdom, Europe

This company has locations in 3 countries serving European & Asia clients.

With over 25 years of experience in the engineering service industry worldwide, This company offers unique value to strategic buyers. Their credibility in the community and among peers, along with an expanded business network, ensures quality and efficiency in meeting KPIs. This company invests heavily in training engineers to deliver high-quality standards required by their international clients. They are a pioneer in the local engineering service sector.

Their locations allow them to provide hybrid solutions, reducing engineering and development costs for clients. With access to a pool of skilled, multilingual engineers and strong relationships with the Moroccan government and key stakeholders, they can leverage subsidies for investment and training. This company has access to new client bases in the automotive, aerospace, and railway sectors. Leveraging their experience with industry giants, they can tap into national and regional funds for innovation and R&D. With a large network of experts and advisors, this company ensures deep knowledge and understanding in delivering top-notch engineering services.




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