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Successful Publishing Company For Sale

Price: $2,600,000

Annual Revenue: $760,000

Net Cash Flow: $740,000

Industry: Services, Publishing

Location: Pennsylvania

The company has been a niche publisher for more than 10 years that serves a valuable role in promoting diversity and inclusion within higher education.

It specializes in online publications that provide data and insights and address the experiences of underrepresented groups in academia, particularly Black Americans and women.


    • The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education (JBHE): Established for over 30 years, JBHE tracks the progress of African Americans in American higher education. It highlights achievements in areas like scholarships, faculty positions, and leadership roles.
    • Women In Academia (WIA) Report: Founded in 2011, the WIA Report focuses on the status and experiences of women in higher education. It celebrates progress made towards gender equity and explores ongoing challenges.

Additional Services: The company’s website offers job boards and weekly newsletters targeted at colleges and universities seeking to attract diverse faculty and staff. This caters to both the institutions and the underrepresented groups the company advocates for.

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