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Managed Services And IT Solutions Company In New York Metro Area

Price: $2,320,000

Annual Revenue: $2,867,115

Net Cash Flow: $704,592

Industry: Technology

Location: New York

Since its establishment, this business has registered consistent increases in the demand for the services it offers the SMB community, which include web/email hosting, cloud computing, network security, VOIP solutions, hardware installations, data storage, and consulting.

A highly capable technical support staff resolves customers’ issues through both remote and on-site assistance. Technical support personnel also conduct regular visits to clients unrelated to troubleshooting problems, which reinforces clients’ perception of the company as their in-house IT department.

Clients seek the senior engineers’ and owner’s advice on initiatives to maximize their ROI in technology. The company’s preeminent service quality has been instrumental in maintaining an extremely high client retention rate. Recurring revenues from monthly SaaS, cloud, and cybersecurity training agreements, as well as annual agreements for renewals of subscriptions and warranties, account for over 75% of total revenues.

Businesses today are highly vulnerable to and keenly aware of the risks inherent in their ever-increasing reliance on technology. Hardly a week goes by without reports of businesses of all sizes facing ransomware demands that paralyze their operations and expose both their and their customers’ data to theft, causing them to incur extraordinary remediation costs.

The optimal buyer would be a company that provides professional services to businesses, such as an insurance company, CPA firm, or law firm. Acquisition of this company would strengthen the buyer’s internal IT posture while adding a new profit center generating a strong recurring revenue stream. The buyer’s clients would benefit from having their utilization of computer technology managed more efficiently and with greater protection from the financial and reputational risks stemming from cybersecurity crises.

Proof of Funds will be required for the seller to consider releasing company details.

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