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How to sell your Wholesale Business

how to sell a wholesale distribution businessAre you considering selling a wholesale business? If so, you probably have a lot of questions such as how do I sell my wholesale business? How do I maintain confidentiality while selling my wholesale business? How do I get the best price when selling a wholesale business? Fortunately, Synergy Business Brokers has been selling wholesale businesses for over 15 years. We offer a confidential consultation to find out more about your business and discuss a potential asking price, marketing strategy, potential buyers, and our sales process.

We sell wholesale businesses that have an annual owner's net income (including an owner's salary and benefits) of $200,000 to $5 Million so hopefully, your business falls within that range. Our potential buyers for wholesale businesses include distribution businesses, manufacturers, private equity firms, and wealthy individuals. We have a potential buyer database of over 25,000 contacts.

Selling Wholesale Businesses Confidentially

Part of our job is to match up the right buyer with the right distribution business and negotiate terms that work for each party.  We take a comprehensive marketing strategy to engage with as many potential buyers as possible while also protecting your confidentiality. We do this by marketing a general description of your business and requiring potential buyers to sign a confidentiality agreement and provide qualifying information before releasing the identity and details of your business.

Selling a variety of Wholesale Businesses

We have sold wholesale businesses such as:

Maximizing the price of your wholesale business

The best way to maximize the selling price of your wholesale business is to get as many qualified serious buyers as possible. When there are multiple offers it increases leverage to negotiate better price and terms. We'll help you with this process to evaluate different offers and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. It's not only about the price. Terms can be important also, such as how long of a transition period the buyer requires, how much will be paid at the closing versus over time, and the confidence in the buyer to continue to run the business successfully. It helps to have an experienced wholesale business broker like Synergy on your side.

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We sell wholesale businesses in NY, NJMACTPA, MD, TX, LA, OH, NH, and throughout the US.  This article may have answered some questions about selling your wholesale business but I'm sure you have more.  To speak to our of our senior business brokers, please fill out our simple form or you can email us at To hear from some of our clients and Brokers you can view our Corporate Video.

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