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Sell Your Successful Big Data Business with SynergyBIG DATA M&A Firm

With the landscape of tech-driven enterprises so dynamic, successful big-data businesses like yours have emerged as some of the most successful cornerstones in modern strategic planning. The demand for substantial data solutions has led many business owners to consider selling their business; if you are one of them, you have come to the right place. Synergy Business Brokers can help you price your company to sell without leaving any money on the table and give you the exposure you seek.


The recent ever-increasing volume, variety, and velocity of the data generated globally has boosted the desire for business owners across all Industries to consider entering into Big Data. Harnessing data can give existing businesses a competitive advantage over their competitors. Synergy can help you find those hungry prospects willing to provide you with a generous payout in exchange for your well-oiled machine. Synergy has gotten ahead of the game by implementing search engine optimization much earlier than our competitors, and you would be hard-pressed to find a firm of our size with as much of a digital marketing footprint. This allows us to understand the inner workings of a tech company like yours. Our only requirement for listing a business is an annual net profit between $250,000 and $20 million. We would love to provide you with our extensive data brokerage services if you qualify. Synergy has no fee until your business is sold.


Synergy Brokers can recognize when a business is positioned for sale, and having your financial ducks in a row is an essential step toward being in that position. Our buyer base wants to be able to read and understand your profit and loss statements and tax returns and see where the money is coming from. If your big data company is in this position, now is the time to list with Synergy. The market maturity is allowing for increased competition. Now is the time to capitalize on the growing market before it becomes over-saturated. Collaborations and partnerships are becoming more prevalent in the tech Industry. Selling your big data business now can open doors to strategic alliances that might not be possible as an independent entity.

There are many types of buyers in the tech space, and we have access to every variety:

  • Tech Giants and Corporations: Major technology companies are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to enhance their data capabilities. Selling to a tech giant can provide access to vast resources and a global market.
  •  Private Equity Firms: Private equity firms seek lucrative investment opportunities, and a successful big data business offers the potential for substantial returns. They often bring strategic expertise and financial resources to fuel further growth.
  • Strategic Acquirers in Related Industries: Companies operating in industries closely aligned with big data, such as cybersecurity, artificial Intelligence, or cloud computing, may view your business as a valuable addition to their portfolio, creating synergies and diversification.
  •  Entrepreneurs and Startups: Ambitious entrepreneurs and startups may see acquiring an established big data business as a shortcut to entering a competitive market. Your company's existing client base, expertise, and infrastructure could provide them with a solid foundation for growth.

We aim to get you multiple offers so you can feel confident when negotiating with the prospect base.

What Types of Big Data Companies do we sell

We have buyers for all types of companies in big data, such as:


With their proven track record in facilitating technology company sales, Synergy Business Brokers can be your strategic partner in this pivotal Journey. From valuation and marketing to negotiation and closing, Synergy Business Brokers specializes in maximizing the value of your business while ensuring a seamless transition for both you and the new owners. For a confidential consultation, please get in touch with us at or fill out our online form.

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