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Award Winning M&A Business Brokers

Synergy Business Brokers has been ranked as a top 10 business broker nationwide by 5 different ranking organizations. Due to our success rate, we doesn't charge a fee unless we sell your business.  Our Brokers works with a limited number of companies for sale so that we can provide a focused marketing effort for each of these business opportunities. We research who the best potential buyers are and sell businesses confidentially. We market locally, regionally, nationally and internationally using the Internet, email campaigns, social media, targeted mailings, phone calls, artificial intelligence marketing, and our network of contacts.

Synergy Business Brokers has been established since 2002 and has built up a database of more than 30,000 active potential buyers. We can provide you with an appraisal of the value of a business if you are considering selling your business.


We have experience selling businesses in the following industries: Softwaredistributionconstructionmanufacturinghealthcareservicescontractors,  technologyengineering, transportation, Advertising/Marketing, HVAC, Landscaping, Consulting, Security, Importers, Environmental Remediation ServicesConcrete Businesses, Education, Niche Businesses, and more. You can click on the link for the industry above that you are interested in, or you can view our Businesses for Sale.

Many of the businesses we sell are based in the Northeast including New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. However, we do sell businesses throughout the US. Some of our potential buyers are international businesses that want to enter the US market as well as companies throughout the US that want to expand in the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic, the South, and the Midwest,

Our focus is on selling businesses that have annual revenues between $700,000 and $40Million and a verifiable owner's annual net income (including profit, owner's salary, and benefits) of between $200,000 and $4Million.  We spend more money on advertising than almost all other Business Brokerage/M&A firms.  Some of the hundreds of websites that we advertise on include:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and many more sites.

Our Marketing Plan is designed to sell your business quickly and for the highest price.


international business brokers associationWe are well connected and members of the following organizations:

  • International Business Brokers Association (IBBA): The largest business broker association with a network of thousands of brokers throughout the world.
  • M&A Source: A network of 1,100 Mergers & Acquisitions professionals including advisors, private equity groups, Bankers, Attorneys, and more.
  • New York Association of Business Brokers (NYABB)
  • New England Business Brokers Association (NEBBA)
  • Greater New York Chamber of Commerce (Marketing exposure to their database of 30,000 business leaders)
  • New Jersey Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce
  • Stoneham, MA Chamber of Commerce

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Also, we have relationships with several banks and can get your business preapproved for financing options.

We offer you the following:

  • Nationwide and International Exposure for those looking to buy a business or sell a business
  • Award Winning Sales People
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Affiliations with the most prestigious Associations
  • A network of local and national contacts
  • Confidential business sales
  • Experienced negotiators
  • Professional business brokers and M&A advisors

Maintaining Confidentiality

When you are selling a business, we retain your confidentiality by listing a business for sale in generic terms. We do not use the name or the specific location of your business for sale. We discuss the specific needs of buyers and their financial price range. We will only proceed with those buyers that are the most qualified to buy your business. Before providing interested buyers with specific information about your business opportunity they will sign a confidentiality agreement.

The Value of a Business: What Is My Business Worth?

We will analyze your financial information and access a database of recently sold businesses that are similar to your business to help determine what would be a recommended selling price. There are many factors about a company that potential buyers will consider valuable. Cash Flow is one of the essential things that many buyers are looking for. Cash Flow is different from profit. Cash Flow includes the owner's salary and benefits, depreciation, and other non-cash items. We help with the education and positioning of the business for sale so that the buyer and seller are both educated about the current and future potential of a business opportunity.


We are selective with the buyers and sellers that we work with. We have found it is important to have a good relationship with buyers and sellers that we trust to give us the best chance of success. This means we won't work with everyone that contacts us. For sellers, we will need to feel comfortable that we can sell your business at a price that is in the ballpark of what you would accept. Of course, we don't know for sure what a company will sell for, but we have an estimation based on what other similar businesses sell for.

On the buyer's side, we only work with buyers that are financially qualified to purchase a business that we are representing. We also need to develop a sense of trust and mutual respect that a buyer has a genuine motivation to acquire a business and they are not just window shopping. Also, we have to be comfortable that they will respect the seller's confidentiality. At the end of the day, we have to be confident that they will make good use of everyone's time and complete a transaction before we spend our time and our client's time.

Why do people sell businesses?

Selling a business that you have built and managed is one of the toughest decisions you will make. We know what it takes to build a successful business. We have been there ourselves. You may be considering selling the business because you are ready to retire, want more time with your family, would like to relocate, or are ready for a new challenge. If you're prepared to make a change for any reason, it's better to sell the business while your motivation to run it is high and therefore the company maintains its value. You can view our overview video at Synergy Business Brokers on Youtube. You can view our sitemap to see which other pages on our site might be of interest to you.

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We would like to speak with you for a no-cost consultation to determine your needs and discuss how Synergy Business Brokers can help you sell your business. Please call (888) 750-5950 or contact one of our Brokers in NYNJCTMAPATXMDLA, NM & SC on our contact us page.

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