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IT Services Transactions

Internet Service Provider (ISP) & Managed Services Provider (MSP) in the Chattanooga Tennessee area

(RevTel) They provide ISP service, virtual private networks (VPN), cloud computing, voice over IP (VOIP), IT managed services, SaaS, and more. As with all of our tech assignments, we had many different potential buyers, including other tech companies. The best offer came from a private equity group that saw the opportunity to grow the business. The business was sold in less than 6 months from start to finish. Contact us to sell your ISP Business or view our tech companies for sale.

IT Services Firm experienced in ERP, CRM, BPM, and Business Analytics in Georgia

(Bista Solutions) An M&A firm that had the assignment to sell this business wanted our assistance in locating a potential buyer. We utilized our database of over 20,000 potential buyers and experience in marketing technology companies to find many potential buyers which the M&A firm introduced to their client. They were able to close on a deal that worked for our buyer and their seller. Contact a Business Broker with experience selling IT Services Companies.

IT Staffing Business in St. Louis, Missouri

(Staffing Resources) IT Staffing business with long-term contracts with repeat customers. They have hundreds of clients. We were able to bring in a number of potential buyers. We received a full-price offer of about 3X net cash flow from an IT Staffing Company in New Jersey that had offices in Canada, Texas, India, and California. Acquiring this IT Staffing company based in Missouri allowed them to expand into the Midwest with staff and customers in place. They also liked the fact that the company they acquired had long-term relationships with their customers. In addition, the buyer’s company had more recruiting resources to expand on the relationships that the seller had.

Fiber Optic Installation & Repair Contractor in the Western US

(Rocky Mountain Fiber Company) A company that has been established for over 40 years providing telecommunications cabling services for broadband and traditional telecom customers. In addition to installation and maintenance, they also provide emergency repair. The owner was interested in retiring. We were able to locate a number of potential buyers and the owner was able to sell the business for a multiple of 4 to 5 X their annual net cash flow. The buyers had worked in the industry and had a third-party investor.

IT Services & Systems Integration Company in the Capital Region of NY

(New England Systems & Software, rebranded as Acture Solutions) The company provides IT Services to both Corporate and Government Clients. Their areas of expertise include the Design, Installation, Implementation, and Support of Computer Networks, Wireless Systems, Security, Telecommunications, Networking, Video Conferencing, managed systems, and more. They have experience working with systems from Cisco, IBM, Dell, 3Com, HP, and more. Due to our large database of potential buyers for Tech companies we received a lot of interest. After meeting with potential buyers and negotiating offers we went into due diligence and closed the deal in 8 months from the start of the assignment. The new owner hired a CEO from another company in the industry and relocated the company from Lake George, NY to Schenectady.

IT Managed Services & Consulting Company

(Information Systems Division, Inc.) They provide IT Managed Services for Cybersecurity, Data Recovery and Backup, Server Management, 24/7 Tech Support, Computer Repair, SEO, Website Development, and more. They are certified partners of Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, EMC, and more. They have a location in Oneonta (the Appalachian Region of New York) and the Southeast. We received over 150 Non-Disclosure Agreements signed from interested buyers on this deal with multiple offers. The highest bidder was a private equity firm (Cloud Equity Group) that had purchased other IT Services firms and was interested in growing through acquisition. The sales process was helped when our client spoke with the other IT Firm that was acquired and got positive feedback on how they treated employees and customers after the acquisition.

B2B Software Development Firm in New Mexico

(Iterative Consulting) The customers are companies who are developing custom software as an important part of their businesses and need the technical expertise that this company has. They offer design and technology services which include full-stack web application development, UI / UX design, data science, and cloud deployment solutions. The company is based in New Mexico but their workers are remote. The buyer was another company that made their first acquisition as part of a growth strategy to acquire additional IT companies.

Point of Sale Computer Hardware & Software Reseller

(Action Computer Systems, Inc.) This company had a specialized niche, and we were able to locate a buyer that was a public company that wanted to enter this market.  The business was sold for the full price that the seller wanted. Contact us to sell your Point of Sale Business.

E-Commerce Business

Sold products nationwide and built up an extensive email list that they used to develop long-term repeat customers. We located a buyer and arranged the financing so that the seller was able to get paid the full price at closing without the need to provide any seller financing. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your e-commerce business.

Computer Solutions & VAR

(Triax Computer Services) Company specializing in providing computer solutions including hardware, software, and services to the Education market as well as other industries. The seller wanted to concentrate on running another business, and we sold the company to another IT professional that wanted an additional revenue base and clients to cross-sell with his current offerings. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your VAR business.

MSP Cloud Computing AWS Reseller & Consulting Services

Company that designs, builds, and deploys Cloud computing Solutions. They are an Amazon Web Services reseller and consultant helping clients implement these solutions. They provide managed services and IT Services Consulting. We had a number of potential buyers as we do with all of our tech clients. The winning bidder was a group of individuals who had experience in the technology sector. We got the business pre-approved for bank financing, and the deal was closed in about 6 months from start to finish. In addition the buyers gave the sellers an opportunity to earn more money after the sale.

Cabling Installation Company plus Phone Systems, Security, Networking, and more

(4M Connect) The company has a reputation with contractors, IT Managers, Architects, and more. The owner was interested in selling the business for a high multiple of earnings. It took some time, but we were able to sell the company for the full price. And since we got the company prequalified for SBA financing with a banker that we introduced the buyer to, the seller did not need to provide any financing.

IT Consulting Company

(Medullus) The business provides specialized IT Services for a variety of different applications, including 1. Cash Management applications to improve the use of cash for corporate customers. 2. IT Services to improve the workflow of Buying Groups and Co-Ops. 3. Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR). 4. Testing Automation. 5. Digital Process Automation. The owner was ready to retire. As with all of our IT assignments, there were plenty of interested buyers. It took some time to narrow the potential buyers down and work with the ones that were most interested and qualified.

Digital Production Company in Brooklyn, NY

They provided a number of digital services including digital reproduction, digital backup, video transfer, networking services, and more. The owner purchased the business a few years ago and wanted to relocate out of the country. We were able to get several offers and the business sold for close to the full price with the seller providing some financing to the buyer.

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